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EP Editorial Staff | August 1, 2009

Adding “Eyeballs” To HMI/SCADA Systems

longwatch_0809Longwatch has added new features and functions to its Video System Version 5.0 to make it easier for users to integrate cameras in local and remote areas, combine video data with a wide variety of plant information and enable operators to access video data from HMI terminals, cellphones or on a PC via the Internet. The enhancements integrate local and remote video systems, using existing plant infrastructure such as fiber and wireless networks, and a distributed system architecture that delivers scalability, performance and fault tolerance. Among other things, the Video Historian feature links to the plant’s HMI/SCADA system, making it possible to store video with real-time plant data, so that operators can see what happened during various events. The Video Historian can then play a sequence back at any time, along with images from similar sequences for analysis purposes.

Longwatch, Inc.
Norwood, MA

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New Gearbox Upgrade Drives Higher Tech Specs

wittenstein-0809Wittenstein’s alpha SP+ and alpha TP+ gearboxes have a slightly new look and higher technical specifications these days. The changes will not affect critical external and connecting dimensions. The technical specifications are already available online and in the 2009 printed Wittenstein (alpha) catalog. The torques of the new look are significantly higher (up to 25%, depending on the version), which raises the power density of the units. Users can reap energy savings from this extra torque by selecting a smaller, more cost-effective gearbox without compromising on specifications.

Bartlett, IL

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