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EP Editorial Staff | October 21, 2009

Pneumatic-Cylinder Positioningrgb1021ntra

The NITRATM line of pneumatic products from AutomationDirect now includes the CPS series of position switches and accessories that provide a robust interface between pneumatic actuators and electrical-control systems. These solid-state electronic switches are available in 3-wire DC PNP and NPN normally open and PNP normally closed configurations and can be purchased with an M8 wiring connector or 2-meter cable with wire leads. Five mounting bands, with adapters for round body cylinders, are available ranging from 5/16″ to 2″ sizes. Pneumatic cylinder position switches are backed with a three-year warranty.

Cumming, GA

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Catalog For Industrial Blowoff And Cooling Products

EXAIR is now offering Catalog 23, a full-color, technical guide that focuses on solutions to common problems, including those related to industrial cooling, drying, blowoff, cleaning, conveying and static electricity. Among other things, this 160-page catalog features products that can help companies conserve their compressed air and reduce dangerous noise levels. New E-Vac® Vacuum Generators, efficient Super Air Knives, Super Air Nozzles, Super Air Wipes, Vortex Tubes and Cold Gun tool coolers are also featured. A detailed technical explanation, performance data, application photos and dimensional drawings are provided for each product. A price list is included.

Cincinnati, OH

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Voracious, No-Nonsense Chopper Pumpsrgb1021landia

Landia, a company that describes itself as having “devoured prison uniforms, animals and lift-station debris for over 55 years,” has rolled out a new Gator Series of customizable chopper pumps. Included in the series is the portable EradiGator that features a mixing nozzle and is available with motors ranging from 3.6 to 30.2 hp. According to the company, the EradiGator keeps on working because of its specially designed external chopping blades and guide traces within the pump casing. Unlike other pumps, which can cause downtime for cleaning and maintenance, dry matter particles are prevented from getting caught in this pump.

Landia, Inc.
Cary, NC

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Circuit-Breaker Handle For Harsh Conditionsrgb1021eaton

New door-mounted operating handles for Eaton Series G circuit breakers improve reliability in dusty, corrosive or wet environments, according to the company. Their clean, functional design makes these handles easy to install and operate. Offered in three shaft lengths, two color schemes and type 1/12/3R or Type 4/4X ratings, the handle mechanism is designed to fit a variety of applications and enclosure configurations. The robust units feature a metal-on-metal defeater between the handle and shaft, which is designed to prevent contaminant build-up that could impede operation. Ultraviolet (UV) and chemical-agent resistant materials protect the handles from heat and fading in direct sunlight and from contaminants in harsh environments.

Eaton Corp.
Cleveland, OH

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A Threadlocker That Lubricates & Sealsrgb1021loctite

Loctite 2047TM is a dual-function threadlocker that works both as a lubricant to reduce friction and achieve proper clamp load during fastener assembly, and as an adhesive/sealant that eliminates loosening, maintains clamp load and prevents corrosion. This slow-cure product achieves fixture strength after 90 min. and full cure after 24 hr. On fastener assemblies where torque greater than 500 ft./lbs. generates considerable heat, the slow-cure profile prevents premature threadlocker cure, ensures reliable clamp load, prevents failure and simplifies disassembly. When used with pneumatic impact tools, it lubricates during the torque process.

Henkel Corp.
Rocky Hill, CT

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Compact Industrial Videoscopesrgb1021olympus

The new IPLEX LX and IPLEX LT industrial videoscopes from Olympus are designed for a wide range of remote visual inspections of parts or structures where space is particularly tight. The most compact and lightweight of the company’s IPLEX systems, they feature an LCD monitor built into a main operating unit that is just 2.5″ wide, excluding handle. Their size and weight makes these new IPLEX units ideal for applications where operator access is limited, such as inside boiler rooms, airplane fuselages or wind-turbine gear boxes.

Olympus NDT
Waltham, MA

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