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EP Editorial Staff | December 22, 2009

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1209mp1Arc Flash & Electrical Protection

The newest edition of the Davis Instruments V75 Sourcebook contains a wide range of items to help customers protect their employees and comply with OSHA standards and NFPA 70E requirements. They include: arc flash apparel (hooded-jackets, overpants, coverall and flash-suit kits and face shields); gloves; protection signs and labels; and insulated tools (switch, clamp and static-discharge sticks, rescue hooks, roll blankets, and insulated hand-tool kits). Lockout/tagout products are available to help prevent injuries from the unexpected energizing or release of stored energy. Switchboard matting, another product in the collection, is designed to insulate workers from electric shocks generated by high-voltage equipment.

Davis Instruments
Vernon Hills, IL

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1209mp2Low-Cost Motor Control

AutomationDirect’s Stellar™ soft starters offer users a low-cost motor-control alternative. Products in the SR22 line come in 5A to 40A sizes, are overcurrent-protected and feature two DIN-rail-mountable frames (45mm and 55mm). These easily configurable products are all equipped with potentiometers, allowing adjustable start and stop times of up to 30 seconds, and an adjustable start pedestal voltage ranging from 30 to 100%. They’re backed by a two-year warranty. Optional cooling fans are available.

Cumming, GA

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1209mp3Extending Live-Center Life

According to Royal Products, its live centers are tools constructed with the highest-quality steels, bearings and seals—with guaranteed accuracy to +/- 0.00005″ TIR or better. The company also says its exclusive Royal Roto-Shield can help to significantly improve a live center’s effective operating life. The shields consist of two main components: a live center point machined from a solid bar that incorporates a specially shaped coolant slinger; and an upgraded, long-life, spring-loaded seal resistant to abrasion, high temperatures and virtually all metalworking fluids.

Royal Products
Hauppauge, NY

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1209mp4Carbon-Graphite Rings & Seal Faces

According to Metallized Carbon, the Metcar mechanical-seal primaryrings and seal faces it manufactures to customer specifications fromhighly engineered carbon-graphite materials are well-suited todemanding, high-speed and high-load applications. Dimensionaltolerances as close as 0.0005″ can be held, and seal rings can belapped and polished to one Helium light band flatness. Finishedproducts are tested to assure that they are impervious to at least 100psi of gas pressure.

Metalized Carbon Corporation
Ossining, NY

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1209mp5Advanced HVAC Tools

The MP100 by E Instruments is a compact, rugged, easy-to-use differential manometer for HVAC applications. In addition to giving pressure measurements, this advanced tool is able to handle both leak-test procedures and air-velocity measurement with density compensation. Its large, ice blue, backlit LCD display is easy to read in both light and dark conditions. The product offers a range of up to 200 inH2O; 0.1 resolution; and accuracy of ± (1% rdg. + 0.2 mbar). Batteries and pressure tubes are included.

E Instruments
Langhorne, PA

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1209mp6High-Speed Cameras For Industrial Applications

Fastec Imaging’s line of hand-held, high-speed point & shoot TroubleShooter cameras now includes the model TS1000ME that offers users industry-proven CMOS sensors and is available in resolutions of 640×480 (TS1000ME) and 1280×1024 (TSHRMS). The TSHRMS is capable of maximum, full-resolution frame rates of 500 frames-per-second (fps) at 1280×1024. By reducing resolution, the TroubleShooter can record even faster, reaching speeds of over 16,000fps. All controls can be accessed directly on the camera and viewed on the built-in LCD. The largest screen in the industry, it allows users to review and edit their high-speed videos directly on the camera.

Fastec Imaging
San Diego, CA

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1209mp7Dewatering Pumps For Confined Spaces

Allegro Industries’ confined-space work equipment includes five models of dewatering and sludge pumps that offer continuous operation at low water levels, and perform extended dry runs without overheating. The company notes that they are ideal for manholes, vaults, construction sites and all dewatering needs. The DC Submersible Dewatering Pump, for example, is a totally enclosed unit with watertight O-ring seals that keep the pump’s internal parts completely dry. Capable of handling up to 43 gpm, it can operate on any 12-volt truck or automobile battery. Its low 30 AMP draw allows for an hour of operation without starting the engine.

Allegro Industries
Garden Grove, CA

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1209mp8Heftier Caliper Brakes

Twiflex Limited offers the VCS MK 4 caliper brake as part of its line of spring-applied, hydraulically released caliper brakes. Designed for a range of applications, including hoists, conveyor drives, cranes, ship loaders, wind turbines and drill rigs, these units have been engineered to provide 50% more pad than previous models. They feature increased service factors, modular construction for easy assembly and maintenance, precision-monitoring options, improved sealing and full compatibility with existing VCS mounts and controlled braking systems.

Twiflex Limited
Braintree, MA

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1209mp9A Smarter Battery-Handling System

The Intell-A-Changer from Materials Transportation Company is a microprocessor-controlled system that automatically charges, changes and helps maintain industrial batteries. This all-electric, customized solution is equipped with PLC control of the system’s robotic movements that load and unload batteries without human intervention, thus eliminating the need for dedicated battery-maintenance personnel. Laser technology is used for down-aisle position sensing and for creating a protective barrier that helps ensure operator safety. Proprietary system software maintains records of battery activity, including service and life cycles, maintenance intervals and vehicle usage.

Materials Transportation Company
Temple, TX

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Web-Based Condition Assessment Service

Commtest’s vbRemote™ is a Web-based machinery-condition assessment service developed exclusively for clients in North America. Analysts generate easy-to-understand reports related to vibration analysis, condition monitoring, pin-point diagnostics and trending that are delivered within 24 hours from data upload. No confusing data interpretation is required, as specific corrective action recommendations are provided with every report.

Commtest, Inc.
Knoxville, TN

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