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EP Editorial Staff | December 1, 2009

Automated Lubrication System For Tough Environs

Alemite’s Carbon Shield atomized-oil lubrication systems are designed for hazardous environments, meeting UL Class 1, Division 2 standards, as well as for non-hazardous environments. Enclosure options include carbon steel or stainless steel, providing durability and reliability in areas with harsh or corrosive element exposure. Typical applications include refineries, petrochemical plants, steel and aluminum mills and other industries where protecting expensive equipment and maintaining uptime are critical. For applications that don’t require the level of sophisticated communications and monitoring provided by these systems, Alemite oil-mist products are available.

Alemite, LLC
Fort Mill, SC

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Thirstier Sorbents

Brady Sorbents says it has created an environmentally friendly sorbent that offers up to 50% more absorbency than traditional polypropylene sorbents. Made from natural cellulose (cotton), Re-Form Oil-Only Sorbents help end-users sustain green initiatives while providing high absorbency levels. These products are made from 80 percent cotton fibers using a specialized process that transforms raw linters into sorbent-friendly material. The manufacturer notes that the product’s improved absorption capabilities enable companies to use fewer sorbents per clean up, leading to reduced waste streams, lower costs and other process improvements.

Brady Corporation
Milwaukee, WI

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1210greasegunHeavy-Duty, Powered Grease Guns

Lincoln has added two PowerLubers to its family of grease guns. The 18-volt model features a high-output motor and battery technologies that unite for a lengthy run time. Built for high-pressure applications, it has a two-speed transmission with a high-volume grease-flow option. The 120-volt corded PowerLuber’s motor provides higher torque values. Its variable-speed trigger combines with a two-speed transmission for more precise flow control. Lincoln’s entire line of PowerLubers features high-strength composite bodies and metal gear and pump housings. The balanced design of these tools helps reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

St. Louis, MO

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Cut Chiller Energy Losses

Redi Controls has introduced the OAM Purger, an oil-acid-moisture purger that helps regain chiller capacity and can cut down on energy losses due to oil migration during chiller operation. Oil frequently finds its way into the evaporator where it mixes with the refrigerant, degrading system efficiency and capacity. Its manufacturer notes that the OAM Purger can help reduce this effect by cleaning the chiller’s refrigerant charge to only a trace level of oil.

Redi Controls
Greenwood, IN

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1210smaccontrollerLubrication System Controller

Bijur Delimon’s SMAC Controller is a multipurpose programmable device for use with industrial lubrication systems. Controller settings are saved whenever power is interrupted. Up to four operating modes can be selected, allowing the controller to be used with various lubrication-system designs. The product is available in both 110 and 220 VAC service.

Bijur Delimon
Morrisville, NC

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Oils To Optimize Compressor Performance

Atlas Copco’s PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme help optimize air compressor performance while reducing operating costs. The company says these new and improved fully synthetic products offer the most advanced protection for critical components and provide exceptional durability in even the most severe conditions (including tough high-pressure and pipeline applications). Among other things, they have high visocity indexes and quality lubricator additives that allow for oil-change intervals of 1000 hours without any loss in performance or compressor longevity.

Atlas Copco
Commerce City, CO

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1210wd40New, Non-Aerosol Lube Delivery

Trigger ProTM, is a non-aerosol product that delivers the WD-40 formula in a manner that better meets the needs of industrial operations. It incorporates an easy-to-hold, ergonomic can and a multi-action nozzle that allows users to spray the product as a wide spray or stream, with no overspray or leaking. The trigger format provides plenty of control—a few drips at a time for drilling and cutting, or more for spraying down large surface areas. With its non-aerosol format and recyclable steel packaging, the product also allows for easy disposal.

WD-40 Co.
San Diego, CA

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Hydraulic & Lubrication Fluid Conditioner

Schroeder has introduced the Ion Exchange Unit (IXU) for the conditioning of flame-resistant, phosphate-ester-based (HFD-R) hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The manufacturer says benefits include real-time monitoring of ISO cleanliness classes, longer oil-change intervals and increased service life of fluids and components. The IXU works by removing acidic products of decomposition caused by the hydrolysis and/or oxidation of the fluids. The product is suited for hydraulic and lubrication oil tanks of up to 5000 gallons (20,000 liters) with volumetric flow of up to approximately 2.4 gpm (9 L/min) in the bypass flow.

Schroeder Industries
Leetsdale, PA

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