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EP Editorial Staff | December 22, 2009


Honeywell Brings Green Heat And More To Illinois Campus

Honeywell has entered into a $79 million renewable energy and building-retrofit program with Eastern Illinois University (EIU) in Charleston, IL, that should soon be providing long-term benefits to the school. Combining energy-efficient facility upgrades with one of the largest biomass-fueled heating plants on a university campus, the program will help EIU address deferred maintenance, improve its infrastructure and save approximately $140 million in energy and operating costs over the next two decades.

EIU will finance the improvements and use the savings, guaranteed by Honeywell through a 20-year performance contract, to pay for the work. As a result, the program will not place a burden on the university’s budget, or require additional taxpayer dollars or student fees.

“Like many universities, our list of needs across campus is much larger than the financial resources available,” said Bill Perry, president of Eastern Illinois University. “This program allows us to make critical improvements and keep our facilities comfortable and functional for years to come. Plus, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. It’s an ideal solution for the university and surrounding community.”

The upgrades will impact all facilities on the 320-acre campus, and are expected to significantly curb the university’s energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions. According to Honeywell, they are projected to reduce electricity consumption by an estimated 6.2 million kilowatt-hours per year—enough energy to power more than 580 homes annually. Carbon dioxide emissions will decrease by nearly 20,000 metric tons each year. According to figures from the EPA, this is equivalent to removing more than 3600 cars from the road.

The focal point of the EIU program is the construction of a new steam plant on the southeast corner of campus that will be driven by two large biomass gasifiers, the first application of this technology in the region. The plant will use wood chips sourced from the local logging industry to generate steam and to heat buildings on campus.

As part of the new plant, Honeywell will also install a small turbine that uses excess steam to produce electricity. It is anticipated that the turbine will generate more than 2.9 million kWh of electricity annually, reducing the amount of energy the university purchases from the grid—as well as providing it with yet another environmentally friendly energy source.

Honeywell International
Minneapolis, MN

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1209GE2Dust-Collector Fan Motors That Meet New EISA Standards

Farr Air Pollution Control now offers premium-efficiency fan motors as standard equipment on all Gold Series® cartridge dust collectors at no additional cost. They also can be ordered from the company for replacement or retrofit applications. Manufactured by Baldor®, these motors are designed to meet or exceed requirements of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), which becomes effective in December 2010. They feature larger-diameter copper wire, more iron and premium-grade steel, superior bearings and other special components that achieve cooler operation and more efficient performance. Because they run cooler, premium-efficiency motors can be used with VFDs for optimum fan speed control and energy savings. The new product line includes models from 3 to 50 HP to fit different fan designs, airflow capacities and voltage requirements.

Farr Air Pollution Control
Jonesboro, AR

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1209ge3Survey Notes Problems From Lack Of Technicians In Wind Sector

A survey by Frontier Pro Services of approximately 75 wind-farm operators in the United States reveals a potentially damaging industrywide shortage of qualified turbine technicians. The survey was designed to assess the specific operation and maintenance service needs of wind energy operators. Among other things, it showed that many wind-farm operations and maintenance teams are so resource-constrained that they are barely able to keep up with the unscheduled maintenance repairs their wind turbines require to generate electricity. It also showed that even regular, scheduled preventive maintenance like oil changes and gearbox lubrication (services that are often still under warranty) are falling behind as manufacturers face similar resource struggles related to the shortage of qualified technicians.
The Frontier Pro Services Operations & Maintenance survey was conducted through a combination of informal phone interviews and in-person meetings with operations and maintenance technicians, wind-farm operators and wind-farm owners during the first six months of 2008. (Editor’s Note: Frontier Pro clients include wind-farm operators with operations and maintenance needs, as well as manufacturers that are behind in warranty-work and need sub-contracting assistance.)

Frontier Pro Services
Banning, CA

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Green Up Your Pneumatic Actuators

Lehigh Fluid Power, Inc., a manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, announces its JHDG “Green” series of pneumatic actuators. Designed to reduce energy consumption, the Green series cylinder combines the company’s Miracalube piston-lubrication system with its Dual Max pressure control regulator and ILCN seals to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase cylinder life. According to the company, test results indicate that a typical user can reduce cylinder energy expenses an average of 21%. The Green series is available in bore sizes from 1.5″ to 6″ and in strokes from .5″ to over 120″.

Lehigh Fluid Power, Inc.
Lambertville, NJ

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New Line Of Energy-Saving Additives

Green Star Products produces a complete line of TVT Energy-Saving Fuel and Lubrication additives. It includes an additive to lubrication oil for diesel and gasoline engines; a water-soluble cutting oil for machine shops using water as a coolant and lubricant; machine cutting oil; a hydraulic fluid additive; an oil-well drilling additive, with both heavy-density and water-soluble oil; and a diesel-fuel additive that the manufacturer claims can increase combustion efficiency and reduce emissions. The company notes that its lubrication products are capable of reducing friction up to 80% while still remaining environmentally friendly.

Green Star Products
Salt Lake City, UT

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Let This “Greenprint” Help You Save Energy

Rockwell Automation has outlined a methodology for industrial energy management that allows manufacturers to strategically and holistically improve the way they use energy. This “greenprint” encourages organizations to view energy as a resource to be managed rather than an overhead cost of doing business and offers advice on how to leverage existing automation and information technology for more effective energy management. The methodology treats energy as an input to production, similar to a raw material, tracking precisely where and how it is used. Rockwell notes that by managing this information in real time, users can reap major rewards in higher profitability and productivity and less environmental impact. The company has published a new white paper that discusses the seven pillars that comprise the greenprint and explains the benefits that a program designed around these protocols can provide. Titled “Industrial Energy Optimization: Managing Energy Consumption for Higher Profitability,” this paper is available as a free download here.

Rockwell Automation
Milwaukee, WI

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All-Purpose Bio-Based Lubricant/Penetrant

LubriMagic™ is a bio-based all-purpose lubricant and penetrant from Plews/Edelmann. The company notes that the product is made from a vegetable-based formula, is biodegradable and has four times the natural lubricity of petroleum-based products. It is suitable for a number of applications, including lubricating nuts and bolts, rollers, hinges, electric power tools, construction machinery and more. The product also serves as an effective rust inhibitor. LubriMagic is available in five sizes. The company also offers a full line of bio-based greases and oils under the LubriMatic Green™ name.

Dixon, IL

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