Food Grade Lubricants

EP Editorial Staff | January 1, 2010


What’s it take to move products around and through our food chain safely and efficiently? These leading suppliers have a number of answers.

They offer effective solutions for a wide range of food grade needs.

janfeb_chesteronChesterton’s 690 FG Lubricant…
Part of Chesterton’s line of primary chain lubricants, this clear, non-staining chain formula for use in food processing, beverage, and pharmaceutical plants is NSF registered for direct food contact. It’s suitable for applications with temperatures from -9 C to 120 C (15 F to 250 F). Chain “stretch” is a result of wear on the pin and bushing, requiring costly chain adjustments or replacement. According to the company, conventional lubricants do not penetrate tight tolerances and, therefore, provide minimum benefit. These Chesterton products, though, are formulated to penetrate pin and bushings. This can lead to a doubling of chain life, reduced energy and lubricant consumption and increased load-carrying capability.

A.W. Chesterton
Woburn, MA

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janfeb_castrolCastrol Molub-Alloy® Foodproof 823 FM™ Greases…
Developed for general lubrication of food machinery, these greases have been approved by LGA Bayern as physiologically safe, and by the USDA (NSF) as “H1” lubricants, even if incidental contact with food products is possible. A select base oil blend with an FDA approved thickener provides good adhesion, film strength and wash-down resistance, even at elevated temperatures. Drip-free characteristics and an off-white color complement housekeeping efforts. A high-performance combination of food grade additives provides excellent anti-wear protection and, in conjunction with blending techniques, leads to effective rust protection and long grease service life. Castrol will launch these products in the U.S. in April 2010.

Wayne, NJ

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janfeb_royalpurpleRoyal Purple’s Ultra-Performance® Clear FDA Food Service Grease. . .
This colorless, non-staining, non-drying, biodegradable, aluminum complex H-1 formulation is approved by the USDA for applications in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Meeting or exceeding the FDA’s CFR Title 21 Section 178.3750 purity regulation, it is specifically designed for use in food processing. It features a bacteriostatic agent to retard bacterial and fungus growth, and is extremely water resistant, even after frequent wash-downs. Polymer additives provide superior adhesive/cohesive strength to lower friction and protect against high shock loads. According to the manufacturer, the synthetic ingredients and anti-wear additives of this multi-temperature service product can increase equipment life.

Royal Purple, Inc.
Porter, TX

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janfeb-wd40Blue Works Industrial Grade Silicone from WD-40.…
This product quickly lubricates, waterproofs and protects without attracting dirt or other harmful contaminants, and can be used to eliminate sticking and binding and to stop squeaks. The formula withstands high pressure and is NSF H1 food grade certified, yet doesn’t sacrifice all the power and strength of an H2 formula. According to the manufacturer, this fluid is ideal for releasing molded parts and for use on belts, linkages, pulleys, valves, slide conveyors, guide rails, tools, locks, doors, hinges and more. It is safe to use on all metal and non-metal surfaces, including rubber.

WD-40 Company
San Diego, CA

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janfeb-mobilMobil SHC Cibus Series Oils For Food Machinery…

Ideal for the full spectrum of hydraulic, gear and air-compressor applications, Mobil SHC Cibus lubricants are designed to provide food and beverage processors with high performance and long service life, even in extreme operating conditions such as freezers and cookers. In addition to being manufactured in equipment where cross-contamination is minimized, Mobil SHC Cibus Series lubricants are formulated to be nut-, wheat- and gluten-free and suitable under Kosher and Halal dietary law. Engineered with advanced synthetic base stocks, these oils, according to the manufacturer, have out-standing load-carrying properties and low internal friction, which helps cut energy costs.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants
Fairfax. VA

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janfeb-clarionClarion Food Machinery A/W Oils…

Clean and clear, pure and simple, these food machinery oils are available in four ISO viscosity grades, and use an additive system designed specifically for lubricants for food-processing equipment. Formulated with a high-purity white mineral oil and additive system, these lubricants are colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-staining and provide excellent wear, rust- and oxidation-protection. Clarion Food Machinery A/W Oils are NSF H1 approved and recommended for medium-pressure hydraulic systems in food processing, canning, bottling and airline lubrication.

Clarion Lubricants
Houston, TX

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janfeb_inolexInolex’s Lexolube® FG-350 H1 OCL…

This polyol ester oven chain lubricant, one of many Inolex food grade offerings, is ideal for baking-chain temperatures up to 500 F. According to the manufacturer, the consistent lubricity and film strength of the Lexolube® line is remarkable and requires less re-application than many other lubricants available. When exposed to high temperatures over time, most lubricants gum up, smoke or leave stains on the machinery. Lexolube chain lubricants, on the other hand, provide clean lubrication and show minimal evaporation, which translates into enhanced performance. These non-toxic products do not require stirring before application. The FG line leads to less maintenance and downtime, and lower energy consumption.

Inolex Chemical Company
Philadelphia, PA

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