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EP Editorial Staff | August 17, 2010

0810marketplace1Cool & Purge Electrical Control Panels

EXAIR’s new CE (European conformity) comp-liant Cabinet Coolers convert an ordinary supply of compressed air to cold (20 F) air without refrigerants or CFCs, then circulates it through an electrical enclosure to eliminate heat damage and control shutdown. A compressed air filter in the Cooler system ensures that no moisture or dust is introduced into the panel. Independent laboratory testing certifies that these compact Cabinet Coolers meet appropriate CE safety requirements, making them suitable for a wide range of enclosure-cooling applications.

Cincinnati, OH

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0810marketplace2Low-Profile, High-Impact Tools For Tight Spaces

Ingersoll Rand’s new 2015MAX and 2025MAX Hammerhead low-profile Impactools™ are designed for optimal performance, even in extremely tight spaces. According to the manufacturer, these products incorporate the power and speed of an impact tool and reach of a ratchet. The Hammerhead has a head-height of less than 2,” maximum torque of 180 ft-lbs and 7100 rpm of speed. It also features a convenient forward/reverse collar allows unrestricted access and the ability to easily change the direction of the tool in confined spots where traditional tools often jam. Knuckle-saver reactionless torque eliminates kickback and further protects users’ hands. A two-position power regulator and feather-touch trigger provide maximum control in even the most demanding applications.

Ingersoll Rand
Annandale, NJ

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0708market2Fluid & Air Nozzle For High-Temp PD Pumps

Oil-Rite’s spray nozzle for the PurgeX® positive displacement pump allows for use near machinery operating at high temperatures. Co-axial tubing delivers both fluid and air to the target area, but keeps the dispensing mechanism at a safe distance from the heat source. The PurgeX is integrated into machinery as a lubrication system, where it can create an adjustable spray without the use of multiple lines and an air regulator.

Oil-Rite Corp.
Manitowoc, WI

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EAM Software Solution For Small- & Medium-Size Plants

TabWare Express is a new Enterprise Asset Management solution designed for small- and medium-size operations. According to AssetPoint, this offering draws on the company’s 30 years in the EAM field to deliver an easy-to-use system at an affordable price. TabWare Express is available in three simple modules: work orders, spare-parts inventory management and purchasing. It’s offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) monthly-fee/per-user basis.

Greenville, SC

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0810marketplace3Ultrasonics For Flaw-Detection

Olympus NDT has rolled out its new EPOCH 600 digital ultrasonic flaw detector that combines conventional ultrasonic capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument. The compact, lightweight (under 4 lbs.) EPOCH 600 incorporates a full range of standard and optional flaw-detection features, as well as several methods for storing, archiving and reporting of inspection and calibration data. It has an onboard memory up to 50,000 individual waveform files (500MB), augmented by an additional 2 GBs of removable memory and is fully compatible with Olympus NDT’s PC interface program, GageView™ Pro.

Olympus NDT
Waltham, MA

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2 New Energy-Efficient Motors Hit The Market

WEG Electric is launching two new energy-efficient motors. Quattro, a line-start permanent magnet motor, is a hybrid featuring a 3-phase distributed winding in the stator. Operating at IEC-established IE4 efficiency levels, it is said to be more efficient than NEMA Premium® efficiency induction units. It runs at synchronous speed regardless of the load, providing no I2R losses in the aluminum cage. According to WEG, its new W22 Super Premium motor is the most efficient in the company’s W22 product line, exceeding NEMA Premium levels with 20% fewer losses. When paired with an electronic soft starter, it’s capable of even greater efficiencies. Both of these new motors will be available for order by September 2010.

WEG Electric Corp.
Duluth, GA

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