Optimizing Equipment Performance & Reducing Maintenance Costs

EP Editorial Staff | September 1, 2010


DuPont’s Krytox has been delivering for more than 50 years.

Many maintenance managers, particularly those with equipment operating under severe conditions such as extremely high or low temperatures and/or harsh chemicals, consider frequent equipment failures to be just another cost of doing business. Those failures, unfortunately, can have a devastating effect on a company’s bottom line.

The good news is that many causes of equipment breakdown can easily be corrected—and many of the costs curtailed—with proper lubrication.

Switching lubricants made the difference
Since their first commercial application more than 50 years ago, DuPont™ Krytox® synthetic lubricants have delivered superior, extended performance in a wide range of applications across diverse industries. Today, with new additives for new challenges, Krytox lubricants are still delivering extreme performance under extreme conditions.

Thousands of companies around the world have discovered the many advantages of switching to Krytox lubricants. Here are a few examples:

  • A major U.S. electric utility was able to schedule re-lubrication of the bearing in its hot gas fan-control louver once a year instead of once a month. This not only eliminated disruptive and costly monthly production shutdowns, it reduced the number of times workers would be exposed to hazards associated with this maintenance task.
  • A British titanium-ingot manufacturer was able to significantly extend the service life of the seals in the hydraulic rams it uses to remove large ingots from vacuum furnaces.Those seals are now replaced every 18 months in planned routine maintenance, instead of every four months.
  • A French airport authority was able to achieve annual savings of US$20,000 – $25,000 on the maintenance of its jet fuel pipeline. Maintenance is now performed every 30 months instead of every four to six months. Unscheduled shutdowns due to valve failures have been eliminated.
  • An American chemical plant was able to improve the performance of its anhydrous ammonia pumps by eliminating shaft wear and doubling the service life of the shaft seals.
  • An Indian manufacturer of textile stenters was able to help its customers extend the re-lubrication interval for the stenter chain bearings from every eight months to once a year.

The Krytox value proposition
Lubricant selection is key to improving equipment efficiency and uptime—and, ultimately, to saving money on maintenance and lost productivity. It also can help you in your quest to
ensure safe operations. While some organizations are reluctant to invest in what they consider to be “more expensive” types of lubricants, a cost-benefit analysis will quickly show how the right product can contribute to reduced downtime and optimized performance.

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