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EP Editorial Staff | September 1, 2010


Already recognized as one of the most sustainable companies on the planet*, this leading bearing manufacturer has strengthened its commitment to the environment with a newly released corporate policy.

SK has released a new corporate environmental policy that reaffirms its commitment to maintain-ing the highest standard of sustainability throughout its North American operations. The document outlines NSK’s pledge to conduct business in a manner that protects human health, prevents pollution and protects the environment. It also outlines how employees and suppliers are encouraged to participate in the company’s efforts. For example, employees have and will continue to be educated on the effects their work may have on the environment, and what they can do to lessen that impact. Those effects can be substantial.

In 2009, NSK employees in the U.S. contributed to environmental savings of:

  • 8952 barrels of No. 2 fuel oil
  • 15,137 mature trees
  • 5,694,000 gallons of water
  • 986,000 kW hours of electricity
  • 19,525 gallons of gasoline
  • 18,131 cubic yards of landfill airspace

Marcia Fournier, NSK’s manager of Environmental Health & Safety, works to engage employees on environmental issues. She regularly travels to each of the corporation’s U.S. facilities to identify areas for improvement, develop initiatives to help each facility reach corporate green targets and report their progress.

“NSK staff and management are very committed to acting in a green manner,” says Fournier. “We recently had a group of employees take it upon themselves to investigate their workplace and then work with their peers to significantly reduce the facility’s waste. It’s that type of initiative and commitment that is driving NSK to the forefront of sustainability in both our products and our working practices.”

According to the company, NSK has pledged its commitment to becoming even more sustainable in anticipation of increased customer demand. As a supplier of components for a broad range of industries, it continues to develop environmentally preferable offerings. A case in point is the NSK bearing-reconditioning program that allows customers to reduce waste and increase efficiency. The company is also actively supporting the electrification of automobiles. MT

NSK Corp.
Ann Arbor, MI

*NSK has been recognized as one of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations” by the World Economic Forum.

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09ge2New HVAC System Delivers More Than Conditioned Air

Trane notes that it’s no longer enough for HVAC systems to merely deliver “conditioned air.” That’s why the company has introduced its Performance Climate Changer™ air handler with cataloged capacities up to 60,000 cfm. It features energy-recovery, airflow-monitoring and advanced humidity-control options that improve building environments and better control temperature and humidity, all while optimizing performance. These options include Trane Cool Dry Quiet (CDQ™) desiccant-dehumidification wheels, energy-recovery wheels, direct-drive plenum fan arrays and dual-path split dehumidification units. These technological advancements enable a Performance Climate Changer HVAC system to deliver optimized performance with up to 30% fan-energy savings compared with the company’s previous generation of air-handling units.

A business of Ingersoll Rand
Piscataway, NJ

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09ge3Surge Protection For Alternative-Energy Applications

The Surge Protection™ line from Thomas & Betts offers protection for alternative-energy sources from damaging effects of electrical power surges. Alternative-energy sources—such as wind farms, solar panels and solar collectors—typically are installed in remote areas, making them more vulnerable to lightning strikes and power-quality abnormalities than other assets. The company’s product line, including its Joslyn® surge-protective devices, helps provide protection from the component level up to complete facility coverage. Products are available with optional EMI and RFI filters to protect sensitive control systems from interference caused by variable-frequency equipment.

Thomas & Betts Corp.
Memphis, TN

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Green Insight At FABTECH 2010

Does “going green” have to be drain on your bottom line? Quite the contrary. In a “Make Green by Going Green” discussion November 3, at FABTECH 2010 (, in Atlanta, GA, experts will focus on ways manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage through sustainable practices. Led by Kristin Pierre, green supplier network manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with panelists from a variety of manufacturers, the presentation will provide insight on how implementing a practical lean and green approach to consuming water, gas, utilities and raw materials can benefit both a company and the environment.

FABTECH 2010 will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center. It’s a fitting venue for what organizers note is the largest trade show in North America dedicated to a full spectrum of metal forming, fabricating, stamping, tube and pipe, finishing and welding equipment and technology. Admission is free with advance registration before October 30.

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA)
Rockford, IL

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