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EP Editorial Staff | October 18, 2010

mt10mp1Measurement Tooling Alignment

Seiffert Industrial’s FixturLaser XA Geometric Alignment System enhances measurement tooling for straightness, flatness and bore position with technologies such as touch-screen navigation, Bluetooth wireless communication and live position data while making alignment adjustments. According to the company, the system can provide better accuracy while reducing setup and measurement time by 60-80%. The user instantly sees a display of the measured object’s position, along with color-coded measured points related to alignment tolerances.
Seiffert Industrial, Inc.
Richardson, TX

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mt10mp2Floor-Marking Products

Brady’s Toughstripe™ Floor Marking product line includes industrial floor tape, corner marks, die-cut shapes and floor signs. All feature a low-profile design, durable polyester material and a one-man dispensing system. The tape’s stiff material and a liner prevent it from stretching, and reduce the chance of wrinkles and wavy, uneven lines. Floors can be prepped with common facility cleansers; no special preparation is required.
Brady Corp.
Milwaukee, WI

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High-Speed, Stand-Alone Data-Logger Modules

The LGR-5320 Series from Measurement Computing are high-speed, stand-alone data-loggers for analog and digital signals. Each module offers 16 analog inputs, 16 industrial digital inputs (up to 30V), one single Form C relay (0.5 A) digital output for triggering/alarming and four counter/encoder inputs. All inputs are sampled synchronously, with data stored on the included 4 GB SD memory card. DAQLog is included with each module for easy, spreadsheet-style set-up, configuration and data-viewing capabilities.
Measurement Computing Corp.
Norton, MA

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mt10mp3Dust-Collector Filter

The HemiPleat® Nano dust-collector filter from Camfil Farr Air Pollution Control offers high filtration efficiencies, long service life and low pressure drop, leading to energy savings and enhanced performance. A thick layer of durable nano fibers is applied to the filter’s surface, yielding a MERV 14 efficiency rating. The HemiPleat Nano media is strong enough to handle dust challenges such as laser and plasma cutting, welding and thermal spray, as well as pulse-cleaning in all types of dry-dust applications.
Camfil Farr APC
Jonesboro, AR

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Gauge Sensor Fits Tight Spaces

The GS-4630 linear gauge sensor from Ono Sokki Technology measures dimensions, thickness, displacement, height, depth, flatness and more. Its linear glass scale technology maintains consistent accuracy throughout its entire range, according to the company. The slim sensor was built to fit tight quarters, including inside of machinery with limited access space. A waterproof seal and a dust bellow provide extra protection in harsh environments.
Ono Sokki Technology, Inc.
Addison, IL

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mt10mp4Personal Multi-Gas Detector

Crowcon has added a toxic gas sensor for ammonia to its Tetra:3 (T3) personal multi-gas detector. Its range also includes flammable gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. It can detect up to four gases at once, and provides over 18 hours of continuous operation from a single charge. The unit also provides a 30-day countdown warning of the calibration due date.
Crowcon Detection Instruments, Ltd.
A Halma Co.
Erlanger, KY

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mt10mp5Retaining Rings, Wave Springs For Bearing Retention

Rotor Clip’s retaining rings and wave springs are designed to provide a cost-saving method to pre-load and retain bearings. The radial wall of the multi-turn wave spring offers a wide supporting surface, and the bearing load in the waves guarantees 100% axial transmission of the load. In place of a cover plate, the entire assembly can be held in place using a two-turn spiral retaining ring that offers a 360° closed surface of contact for the wave spring.
Rotor Clip Company, Inc.
Somerset, NJ

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mt10mp6Ambient-Condition Monitor

Testo’s hygrometer models 622 and 623 are designed to monitor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure in all types of facilities. Large, easy-to-read displays show information on-site, and a histogram of data for up to 12 weeks, including date and time, can be recalled without a PC or accessories. Optional calibration software allows for adjustment using existing reference standards.
Testo, Inc.
Sparta, NJ

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mt10mp7Advanced Motor-Protection Relay

Littelfuse’s PGR-6300 Motor Protection System, part of the company’s comprehensive POWR-GARD® product line, offers multi-function protection, including dynamic thermal modeling, metering and overcurrent reduction setting for maintenance, for 3-phase low- and medium-voltage, medium- to high-horsepower asynchronous motors. These types of units are used in virtually all industries, including processing, manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, mining and water/wastewater treatment. Motor starter control functionality is programmable for all common starter types. The modular PGR-6300 consists of an operator interface (pictured here) and a control unit (not pictured).
Littelfuse, Inc.
Chicago, IL

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mt10mp8Laser Level For Oiler Installation

Trico’s Opto Laser Level is designed to make installation of the company’s Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler quicker and more accurate than in the past. No measuring, leveling or marking is needed. Made of nickel-plated die-cast aluminum to withstand harsh environments, it automatically adjusts oil-levels, verifies existing oil-level set-ups and can be used on both existing and new oilers.
Trico Corp.
Pewaukee, WI

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mt10mp9Zero-Maintenance Bearings

Optional zero-maintenance sealed bearings for Schmidt Offset couplings from Zero-Max feature needle bearings with internal micro-poly lubrication, eliminating the need for coupling lubrication. The absence of lube fittings makes for a cleaner coupling setup. The couplings are designed to handle high amounts of parallel offset up to 17″ and torque capacities up to 459,000 in-lbs.
Zero-Max, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

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