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EP Editorial Staff | November 10, 2010

1110mpskfBearing Analysis In A Box

According to SKF, its Advanced Bearing Analysis Kit provides all the necessary equipment and consumables for oil and overall machine-vibration condition monitoring. Ready to use in a heavy-duty aluminum case, the kit’s main feature is the SKF Machine Condition Advisor (MCA) that simultaneously measures vibration and temperature to indicate machine health and bearing condition. Complementing the MCA is a lubrication assessment tool to provide accurate results for Water-in-Oil (lubricants) and Total Base Number (TBN) tests. The kit can also provide a simple “go/no go” result when the distillate fuel dilutions of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil are tested and detect high insolubles from diesel-engine combustion products such as fuel ash, carbon, partially oxidized fuel, oil oxidation products and spent lubrication additive.
Lansdale, PA

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1110mpgrundfosSubmersible Wastewater Pumps

Grundfos says its new range of SL submersible wastewater pumps helps minimize risk factors and reduce the cost of maintenance. These units are offered in two impeller designs: the SLV/SuperVortex allows for the free passage of solids up to 4″; the SL1/Channel Impeller, is designed for large flows of raw sewage. Additional features include efficient Eff1-type motors, moisture-proof plugs and short rotor shafts to cut down on vibration. Custom units also are available for more demanding tasks.
Grundfos Pumps Corp.
Olathe, KS

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1110mpparkerFast-Response Axial Piston Pump

Parker Hannifin’s PV360 variable-displacement, 360 cc/rev axial piston pump is designed for heavy-duty mobile and industrial tasks with operating pressures up to 5000 psi (350 bar). Large servo pistons ensure a fast response for cranes and lifts, presses and metal-forming machines, hydraulic-power and marine applications. The company says these units produce 40-60% less pressure and flow pulsation than comparable pumps, reducing the chance of loosened connections and component damage.
Parker Hannifin Corp.
Marysville, OH

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1110mpsnapAutomated Tool-Control System

Snap-On’s automated Level 5™ ATC tool-control system combines a tool-storage box design with proximity-based keyless entry, a PC-based database and digital imaging technology. Each user’s key card is embedded with a user-specific code to identify who has accessed the system. As the unit is accessed, digital imaging technology scans each tool in the drawer to determine its status. Disputed tool transactions can display on the unit’s 7″ LCD or an administrator’s PC.
Snap-On Industrial
A division of Snap-On, Inc.
Kenosha, WI

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1110mpbaldorExpanded Line Of Premium Efficient Motors

Designs added to the Baldor Reliance Super-E line of premium efficient motors meet or exceed NEMA Premium® efficiencies followed by most electric utilities and levels required by the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) that takes effect in December. New motors include 26 premium efficient ratings for the HVAC industry; more than 50 washdown, paint-free and all-stainless premium efficient ratings; and more than 70 premium efficient unit-handling ratings. The company says it also is adding 450 additional new designs across many AC motor families to solidify its commitment to offering the broadest range of NEMA Premium motors available.
Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR

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Vibration-Sensor Specs In Spanish

Meggitt has added a Spanish-language page to its Wilcoxon Research Website, which focuses on vibration sensors for industrial machinery health monitoring. The new page features an introduction in Spanish to the company’s line of industrial accelerometers, as well as translated data sheets so that Spanish-speaking customers can view and compare specifications for the most popular Wilcoxon products in their own language. Ten data sheets provide detailed information for over 30 sensors and related products. A broader range of products and specs can be reviewed in English on the main Wilcoxon site.
Meggitt Sensing Systems
Germantown, MD

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1110mpridgidEnhanced Digital Inspection Recordings

RIDGID’s CS1000 digital recording moni-tor works with all of the company’s SeeSnake® reels. Consisting of a 12.1″ color monitor and durable keyboard, this recently introduced product incorporates built-in digital recording and reporting capabilities, and offers three recording modes (digital stills, full-frame video and auto-recording) and a compressed recording method. It comes with software for reporting and sharing jobs and built-in flash storage.
A unit of Emerson Professional Tools
Elyria, OH

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1110mpfumotoValve For Simplified Oil Changes

Fumoto Engineering’s N-Series Engine Oil Drain Valve replaces standard drain plugs and allows oil to be drained with just the touch of a finger. Simply turn the lever of this forged-brass ball valve to release oil, then turn it back to the locking position to prevent accidental opening. A small amount of oil can also be drawn from the bottom for oil-analysis sampling.
Fumoto Engineering of America, Inc.
Redmond, WA

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1110mpdatastickEasier Vibration Spectrum Analysis

Datastick says the extremely low noise floor of its VSATM Vibration Spectrum Analyzers makes it easy to differentiate real vibration from noise when measuring low amplitudes. These handheld analyzers are well suited for field service of pumps and compressors. VSAs can also be used to detect structural problems caused by vibration that could harm both sensitive data-center equipment and employee health.
Datastick Systems, Inc.
San Jose, CA

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1110mpsouthworthRedesigned Hydraulic Lifter/Transporters

Southworth Products notes that it has redesigned the Dandy Lift™ line of hydraulic lifter/transporters to help make work faster, safer and easier. Ergonomic improvements on every new model include a “multi-grip” position handle that allows users to pick the most comfortable hand position for pushing, pulling, maneuvering or raising loads; a “qwik-grip” lowering handle that is accessible from almost any position behind or beside the Dandy Lift; and a 180° access foot-pedal that can be pumped from different angles at the rear or side of the unit while providing solid contact, regardless of footwear.
Southworth Products
Portland, ME

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RCA Software As A Service

PROACTOnDemand from RCI functions as a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of its PROACT© RCA root cause analysis application. The SaaS version provides instant access to PROACT RCA and templates, while accommodating most common RCA methods. It features a robust RCA environment, with secured purchasing, data and code authenticity. This tool can be accessed at any time, with no software required, using a standard Web browser.
Reliability Center, Inc.
Hopewell, VA

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Calibration-Management Tool

Fluke Calibration’s latest release of the MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management Software adds support for Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. Designed for electrical, temperature, pressure, flow and other measurements, the software includes Crystal Reports, a tool that helps users design and deliver professional-looking interactive reports via the Internet or embedded in enterprise applications.
Fluke Calibration
Everett, WA

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1110mpgreenheckCentrifugal-Fan Literature

Greenheck has released a brochure on its radial-wheel industrial-process centrifugal fans designed for a variety of industrial process-ventilation and material-handling tasks. AMCA-licensed for air performance, they’re available as both belt- and direct-drive units. This. new literature includes a material-specifications chart, configurations, options and accessories information.
Schofield, WI

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1110mpeztimersSteam-Trap Testing Device

EZtimers’ TATTLER steam-trap testing tool requires little in the way of training or special skills to operate. A portable monitoring, evaluation and signaling device, it features a trap inlet and outlet module, each of which contains an infrared sensor. In trap-testing situations, the sensors will be continuously streaming temperature information to a micro-controller that will be logging and evaluating it to determine if the trap is working properly.
Las Vegas, NV

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