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EP Editorial Staff | November 14, 2010

lmtndcreformSafer Oil-Pail Carts 

Oil-pail carts built with the Creform® System provide safe storage and disposal of oily or solvent-soaked rags. Comprised of plastic-coated steel pipe, mechanical joints and hardware accessories, this easily moved system keeps the pail approximately 24″ above the floor. With its ESD-rated components, grounding a pail to the system structure helps dissipate static charges. A spring assists the closing feature, ensuring a barrier is in place, thereby limiting oxygen and ignition access.

Creform Corp.
Greer, SC

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Eco-Friendly Oven-Chain Oil

Bel-Ray’s No-Tox Hi-Temp Oil 220 is an NSF H1-registered food grade, biodegradable, synthesized hindered polyolester-based product for oven-chain lubrication. Formulated for temperatures up to 500 F (260 C), its lower friction and residue formation reduce both oven-chain amperage and energy consumption. This ISO VG 220 synthetic is also suitable for applications in spur, helical and planetary gear units, couplings, rolling and sliding bearings and where non-toxic biodegradability is required.

Bel-Ray Co.
Farmingdale, NJ

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1110mpskfBearing Analysis In A Box

According to SKF, its Advanced Bearing Analysis Kit provides all the necessary equipment and consumables for oil and overall machine-vibration condition monitoring. Ready to use in a heavy-duty aluminum case, the kit’s main feature is the SKF Machine Condition Advisor (MCA) that simultaneously measures vibration and temperature to indicate machine health and bearing condition. Complementing the MCA is a lubrication assessment tool to provide accurate results for Water-in-Oil (lubricants) and Total Base Number (TBN) tests. The kit can also provide a simple “go/no go” result when the distillate fuel dilutions of an SAE 30 to 40 engine oil are tested and detect high insolubles from diesel-engine combustion products such as fuel ash, carbon, partially oxidized fuel, oil oxidation products and spent lubrication additive.

Lansdale, PA

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0710market15Motor Plugs Aid In Safety Compliance

Meltric Motor Plugs simplify compliance with NFPA 70E electrical safety requirements because they maintain a standard-defined hazard risk category of zero during the motor connection and disconnection processes. The UL-approved products give existing motors plug-and-play simplicity, reducing downtime up to 50%. The plugs’ dead front construction eliminates the possibility of access to live parts, so there’s no need for personal protective equipment when changing out a motor.

Franklin, WI

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lmtmorseEasy Drum Handling

Morse’s Clamp+Go™ Dolly Handle attaches to the sidewall of drum dollies with a downward push to engage a quick-coupling mechanism. It works with various-sized sidewalls, moves them with high stability and disengages with the touch of a boot. According to the company, the handle can prevent accidents due to its low center of gravity and push-pull-rotate movements. For compact storage, the handle can be moved upright to the drum, where a magnet keeps it in place.

Morse Mfg. Co., Inc.
East Syracuse, NY

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lmtndmpabanakiOil-Skimming Literature

The second edition of the Abanaki Solutions Source-book for oil-skimming contains data on 40 implementations. Its 43 colorful pages of information are indexed by industry, application and skimmer model. Applications include coolant maintenance, groundwater remediation, DNAPL removal, oil and fuel recovery, indoor/outdoor washwater and wastewater treatment and more.

Abanaki Corp.
Chagrin Falls, OH

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lmtndmp1Non-Metallic Modular Storage

Midwest Plastic Fabricators’ modular cabinets made from PVC or polycarbonate are available in sizes up to 72″. They feature single or double doors with stainless-steel lift-off hinges with a quarter-turn locking provision and viewing windows sized to meet end-user specifications. These rigidly structured, corrosion-resistant units have removable center posts and wall- or floor-mount capabilities.

Midwest Plastic Fabricators
Aurora, OH

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