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EP Editorial Staff | February 17, 2011

febmarketplace1Conductivity Sensor For Harsh Environments

Electro-Chemical Devices’ says its Model CSX2 two-electrode conductivity sensor delivers reliability and long ser-vice life in harsh environments. Measuring electrolytic conducti-vity at a range of 1.0-50,000 µS, it’s designed for service up to 392 F (200 C) at pressures of 250 psig. At temps below 212 F (100 C), it’s rated up to 400 psig. Leak paths are double-sealed with EPR O-rings.

Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc.
Irvine, CA

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Chem-Resistant Bearings

The iglide® C210 bearing from igus® delivers superior resistance to a range of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide, and can handle continuous temperatures of 212 F. As with all iglide products, the bearing’s tribo-polymer is lubrication-free and corrosion-resistant, which helps this product withstand aggressive chemicals in food and packaging applications.

igus, Inc.
East Providence, RI

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Laser Alignment Simplified

According to Mr. Shims, its Belt/Sheave Laser Alignment Tool helps reduce equipment wear and downtime. Requiring one operator (and no training), it facilitates accurate parallel and angular alignment by way of wedge prisms that position the laser line parallel to the machine back, making that line resistant to moving. .

Mr. Shims
Villa Park, IL

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High-Temp Coating For Tank Linings

Cor-Cote® HT FF from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings is suited for high-temperature immersion and atmospheric applications. Intended for tank linings and piping under insulation, this epoxy novolac amine is designed for service with gasoline, fuel oil, diesel fuel, crude oil, ethanol and other hydrocarbons. A high-solids (90%), chemically resistant lining, the self-priming product provides high build and edge retention in a single coat.

Cleveland, OH

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Thermographic Organizer, Analyzer, Reporter

Compatible with most of today’s infrared cameras, IRT Cronista software from IRcameras organizes and analyzes thermographic data and quickly generates Microsoft Word reports. Powerful temperature-measurement tools provide in-depth information with multi points, multi-profile lines, area analyses, hot-spot detection, isotherms, trends and more. Users can easily link infrared images, visual images and voice and text (FMInotes (both automatically and manually), then access them through the software’s database. Simple, customizable report templates and detailed help files are included.

IRcameras, Inc.
Walpole, MA

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Non-Metallic Modular Storage

Midwest Plastic Fabricators’ rigidly constructed, corrosion-resistant modular PVC and polycarbonate cabinets come in sizes up to 72″. Wall- or floor-mounted, they feature single or double doors with stainless-steel lift-off hinges and quarter-turn locking; viewing windows sized to user specs; and removable center posts.

Midwest Plastic Fabricators
Aurora, OH

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febmarketplace2Feature-Rich Pump VSD

Fluid Metering’s C100A variable speed controller provides a control interface suited for the company’s variable speed pump offerings. Its many capabilities include manual speed adjustment using a front-panel-mounted rotary dial and an electronic speed control via a 4-20 mA signal from an external source such as a sensor or flow meter.

Fluid Metering, Inc.
Syosset, NY

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