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EP Editorial Staff | April 1, 2011

lmt0304mplace1Dry Lube Spray Solution

B’laster’s new Graphite Dry Lube spray forms a quick-drying film that offers long-wearing protection under extreme pressures and temps (from -100 F to 850 F). This high-performance product bonds to rubber, metal, wood and plastic, and can be used anywhere a dry lubricant is essential. It’s suitable as a general industrial-maintenance lubricant in, among other things, plant machinery and handling equipment, winches, sprockets, die-casting applications and the pre-assembly lubrication of moving parts.
B’laster Corp.
Valley View (Cleveland), OH

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0304mplace2High-Load Fastener System

The Hytorc® Clamp-Nut™ connection device for high-load applications is available as an integrated system that includes a torque wrench, driver and the Clamp-Nut fastener. The Clamp-Nut is a three-piece fastener that prevents galling and has a load range up to 1.5 million pounds. The system creates a self-contained force system that eliminates damage because no torque is transmitted to the bolt.
Mahwah, NJ

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Electronic Torque Wrenches

The three new Fixed Ratcheting Head electronic torque wrenches offered by Stanley Proto accept standard Proto sockets. They’re available in 1/4”, 3/8” and
1/2” drive versions, with torque ranges from 25 in-lb (2.8 Nm) to 250 ft-lb (339 Nm). All of these products feature easy-to-read LCD displays, fast sampling rates and visual and audible indicators to show when targets have been reached or overtorqued.
Stanley Proto Industrial Tools
New Britain, CT

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Thermographic Organizer, Analyzer, Reporter

Compatible with most of today’s infrared cameras, IRT Cronista software organizes and analyzes thermographic data and generates Microsoft Word reports. Powerful temperature-measurement tools provide in-depth info with multi-points, multi-profile lines, area analyses, hot-spot detection, isotherms, trends and more. Easily link
IR and visual images and voice and text notes, then access them through the software’s database. Simple, customizable report templates and detailed help files are included.
IRcameras, Inc.
Walpole, MA

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lmt0304mplace3Efficient & Thorough Wire Rope Lubrication

Fluid Defense Systems says that its GREASE SAFE® Wire Rope Lubricator offers fast and effective one-pass lubrication of wire ropes from 5/16” (8mm) to 2 5/8” (67mm) in diameter at speeds up to 3333 feet (1000 meters) per hour. It also provides more thorough results than manual methods by forcing lubricant under high pressure into the core of the rope. The result is a smooth, minimal film on the outer strands and lubricant pushed through to the inner strands, expelling water and other matter in the process.
Fluid Defense Systems
Oswego, IL

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lmt0304mplace4On-Site Oil-Monitoring In The Palm Of Your Hand

Spectro’s Fluidscan Q1000 is a small, rugged handheld mid-infrared condition-based maintenance mon-itor that protects machinery by determining when a lubricant needs to be changed. The device provides alerts on con-tamination, degradation and cross-contamination at the point of use by measuring key oil-condition parameters in both synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants and fluids. These parameters include TAN, TBN, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, additive depletion, incorrect lubricant, water, glycol, soot and glycerine, and FAME in Biodiesels.
Spectro, Inc.
Littleton, MA

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0304mplace5Advanced, High-Noise Communication System

Sensear says its Intrinsically Safe Smart Muff provides an advanced level of hearing protection in conjunction with a high-noise communication system. The company’s  own SENS™ (speech enhancement and noise suppression) technology facilitates clear, safe communication in loud environments. The product features two-way radio and Bluetooth.
Sensear Pty Ltd.   
Larkspur, CA

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lmt0304mplace6Easy Oil Sampling In Mobile, Off-Highway & Mining Environs

The OILMISER™ Plug & Sampling Valve offered by JLM Systems is a rugged, all-steel, low-profile assembly designed specifically for the harsh realities of mobile, off-highway and mining applications. A virtually bullet-proof external hex-head cap protects against the daily hazards found in these tough environments. With no countersunk hex or square cavities to get plugged with debris or peened over, the cap can be removed with a handheld wrench. A large, clean cavity provides easy access to the high-flow, high-viscosity sampling valve.
JLM Systems Limited
Richmond, BC Canada

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