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EP Editorial Staff | June 7, 2011

0506mplace1Modular Air-Oil System For Precise Minimal Lubrication

According to Dropsa, its modular MiQuel air/oil system that’s been designed for near-dry machining or spray-system tasks can be used for all applications requiring precise minimal lubrication. With the easy-to-configure MiQuel, up to eight connected elements can be inserted and controlled individually or in tandem via an integrated solenoid. Other features include a scavenge device that rapidly recoils oil from the delivery line to prevent lubricant-drip when the system is powered down.
Dropsa USA Inc.
Sterling Heights, MI

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0506mplace2Rotary Drum Pumps For No-Mess Fluid Transfer

Lincoln offers three new Professional Rotary Drum Pumps for reliable, no-mess fluid transfer in automotive, agricultural and construction applications. Models 1385 and 1385-H move oils, diesel, kerosene, coolant, non-corrosive materials, petroleum-based fluids, hydraulic oils and ATF, while FM-approved Model 1387 also safely moves gasoline. Model 1385-H and Model 1387 include a heavy-duty 8’ by ¾” anti-static hose with non-sparking aluminum nozzle. Model 1387 also incorporates a flame arrestor and anti-siphoning vacuum break.
Lincoln Industrial
St. Louis, MO

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0511market3Flexible, Heavy-Duty Speed Reducer

Baldor’s Motorized Torque-Arm II (MTA) is a right-angle, shaft-mounted speed reducer with a three-piece coupled NEMA C-face motor input. Its compact, flexible design allows multiple mounting positions. A choice of 12 helical gear-reduction ratios and three case sizes help deliver speed reductions from 18:1 to 75:1 for class 2 applications from 3 HP to 75 HP. According to the manufacturer, the MTA’s heavy-duty AGMA-rated design offers nearly twice the bearing life versus competitors’ European DIN standard designs. Premium HNBR oil seals with excluder seal technology give extra protection against contaminants.
Baldor Electric Co.
A Member of the ABB Group
Fort Smith, AR

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0506mplace3Redesigned Industrial Lubricant Lineup

Shell Lubricants has launched a new, improved portfolio of industrial and transmission lubricants and greases based around four tiers, each offering increasingly efficient levels of protection: Entry, Mainline, Premium and Advanced. Each brand/product category in the range is structured according to these tiers. The portfolio is accompanied by “old to new” conversion tools that help make the transition easy for long-time customers and features new labels and product guides with new names, color-coding and visual icons to indicate performance benefits and reduce the risk of misapplication. Standardized packaging across the entire portfolio makes storage and stacking easier.
Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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0506mplace4Simplified Lube Storage And Dispensing System

IFH Group says its new pallet-mounted mobile lubrication system simplifies lubricant storage and dispensing for multiple-site plants. It comes with two 50-gal. and two 25-gal. steel containers equipped with PVC sight gauges, air-operated piston pumps that provide a 5:1 pumping ratio and filters that remove contaminants. One to four pumps can operate at a time. An onboard gas-operated air compressor ensures quick startup.
IFH Group
Rock Falls, IL

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0506mplace5Bearing Design Reduces Metal-Industry Downtime

According to Timken, its new ADAPT™ bearing combines the best design benefits of several conventional bearing types in a hybrid form uniquely suited to the challenges of the metal industry’s continuous caster operations. Used in the float position in strand roll support segments, each ADAPT bearing consists of a cylindrical inner ring, an outer ring with a proprietary outer race profile and a roller/retainer assembly that features specially profiled rollers with a snap-in retainer. The inner ring’s cylindrical raceway allows the shaft to move (float) left or right relative to the outer ring. The company says it designed the outer ring and rollers with a proprietary profile that: compensates for misalignment related to shaft bending; creates a self-aligning effect with the rollers to minimize skewing; and optimizes contact stress distribution for extended bearing life. The separable inner ring, outer ring and rollers allow for easier handling, improved installation flexibility and simplified bearing removal and inspection.
The Timken Company
Canton, OH

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