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Product Showcase: Extreme & Severe Service Lubricants

EP Editorial Staff | August 1, 2011


Harsh environments and challenging processes ask a lot from a lubricant. Here, we look at some outstanding options for extreme and severe service.

Hydrex Extreme From Petro-Canada

Petro-Canada’s Hydrex Extreme is a premium-quality, high-performance hydraulic fluid designed for use in both mobile and industrial equipment. Starting with a patented HT process that produces 99.9% pure base oils, the product is specially formulated to deliver enhanced oxidation and shear stability and anti-wear protection. According to the manufacturer, Hydrex Extreme helps reduce sludge buildup and harmful varnish deposits and is inherently biodegradable.
Petro-Canada Lubricants, Inc.
Mississauga, ON

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Royal Purple Open Gear Guard XP

Open Gear Guard XP is designed to lubricate open gears and chains subjected to heavy loads in dusty or dirty environments. A thixotrophic lubricant blended with a solvent carrier, it’s easily applied by spraying or brushing and can effectively lubricate at temperatures up to 400 F. Once applied, the carrier film evaporates, leaving a dry, wax-like lubricating film that minimizes collection of dust and other contaminants. The film consists of calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate, both naturally occurring minerals.
Royal Purple, Inc.
Porter, TX

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Shell Omala S2 G Oil

Shell Omala S2 G oil is formulated for extra protection and performance of industrial gears. It offers the type of corrosion protection and water separation capabilities that help keep equipment working efficiently in severe service. Applications include lubrication of enclosed industrial spur and bevel gearboxes in extreme-pressure and highly loaded systems and of bearings and other components in circulating and splash-
lubricated systems.
Shell Lubricants
Houston, TX

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Dupont Teflon Severe Service Grease

Teflon™ Severe Service Grease from DuPont™ is a multi-functional industrial-grade grease suited for most heavy-duty and industrial applications. DuPont notes the product’s new thickener technology, Overbased Calcium Sulfonate, offers water washout and mechanical stability properties that surpass lithium complex greases. A high dropping point ensures superior retention in high-temperature applications and provides rust and corrosion protection, especially in salt-water and high-moisture environments.
Wilmington, DE

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CRC Extreme Duty Food Grade Grease

CRC Extreme Duty Food Grade Grease is a high-performance product for use where incidental contact with food is possible. It excels  where resistance to water washout and broad operating temperatures are required. Formulated without heavy metals or undesirable additives, it withstands extreme pressures and corrosion, including salt spray, and retains mechanical stability even in the presence of water.
CRC Industries
Warminster, PA

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Bel-Ray 1030 Grease

Bel-Ray’s 1030 Grease is a heavy-duty, non-melting, silicone-based product designed for harsh chemical environments. The manufacturer notes that this grease has excellent extreme-pressure, antiwear, thermal-stability and waterproof properties, as well as a useful temperature range from -40 F to 400 F (-40 C to 204 C). The properties of its base materials protect against moisture and corrosion while exhibiting little change throughout the recommended temperature range.
Bel-Ray Co., Inc.   
Farmingdale, NJ

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Mobil Glygoyle Series Lubricants

Mobil Glygoyle Series lubricants are fully synthetic gear, bearing and compressor oils developed for use under operating conditions beyond the capabilities of other synthetic and mineral-based products. Low pour points of these PAGs ensure excellent low-temperature fluidity while their formulation provides EP/antiwear protection for critical equipment components, micropitting protection for sensitive gear systems and protection against rust and corrosion.
ExxonMobil Corp.
Fairfax, VA

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