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EP Editorial Staff | September 15, 2011

0911mplace1Portable Data-Acquisition System

Astro-Med’s Dash® MX portable data-acquisition system is a full-featured, high-speed, multi-channel product designed for capturing high-frequency data and transient signals and long-term trending. The standard unit records up to eight channels of iso-lated voltage inputs to an internal 320-gigabyte hard drive at sample rates up to 200 KHz per chan-nel. It includes support for IRIG time codes A, B and E and features a 12” touch-screen display.
Astro-Med, Inc.
West Warwick, RI

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0911mplace2Environmentally Friendly Pre-Lubricated Couplings

The Baldor•Dodge pre-lubricated GRID-LIGN coupling provides a maintenance-free, lubed-for-life design. Interchangeable with existing grids, hubs and covers and easy to install, it eliminates downtime associated with improper lubrication. The environmentally friendly product features high-performance synthetic oil impregnated into a polymer shell that encapsu-lates the grid element. This polymer acts as an oil reservoir that helps prevent possible contamination during installation and eliminates the mess associated with greasing a traditional grid design.

Baldor Electric Co.
A member of the ABB Group
Fort Smith, AR

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0911mplace3Replacement Hydraulic Valve Blocks

PIRTEK offers pre-assembled hydraulic valve blocks with quick-disconnect coup-lings and a pressure-relief valve. These units come in 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” sizes, are easy to install and replace and allow users to safely deal with hydraulic pressure before connecting or disconnecting attachments. Standard ISO flat-face quick-disconnect couplings make these valve blocks compatible with most types of attachments.
Rockledge, FL

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0911mplace4Contain And Clean Up Spills

Graphic Products has released its first catalog of spill-containment and cleanup products. According to the manufacturer, this 10-page SpillArrest catalog fully complements the company’s line of safe-facility signs, labels and printers that help keep workplaces cleaner, safer and more productive. Items include those for spill removal (pads, rugs and mats, pillows, loose sorbents); isolation (berms, booms, containment pools, pallets, workstations, socks); oil, universal and HazMat spill kits; and diverters/drain guards. Items are color-coded to help users identify appropriate products for various spills.
Graphic Products
Portland, OR

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0911mplace5Push-Through Slurry Valve For Harsh Applications

ITT’s Fabri-Valve® 33 PTA is a push-through slurry design built to withstand harsh applications in the mining industry. Its proprietary sleeve technology and wide body maximize valve life, while elastomeric seats provide abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility. The seats form a pressure boundary, which allow for gate maintenance and actuation under pressure, minimizing downtime.
ITT Corp.
White Plains, NY

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0911mplace6Four-Bolt Flange Mounting Blocks

BBPBLD Series standard duty four-bolt flange mount block products from Quality  Bearings and Components have a polyester housing, a removable acetal bearing insert and 316 stainless-steel balls. They’re designed to fit shafts ranging from 1/2” to 1 1/4” in diameter. The manufacturer also offers plastic two-bolt flange mounting blocks with insert ball bearings.
Quality Bearings Components
Garden City Park, NY

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0911mplace7CO2 Laser-Markable Aluminum

DuraBlack™ is a CO2 laser-markable aluminum that meets the requirements of MIL-STD-810G for resistance to abrasion, temperature, weather, salt-spray and fluid exposure. The product produces a durable, high-resolution white-metallic image on a matte black background when marked with any CO2 laser. The product’s two-part thermoset coating bonded to either 0.005”- or 0.020”-thick aluminum allows attachment to curved or flat surfaces with adhesive, rivets or screws.
Horizons Imaging Systems Group
Cleveland, OH

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0911mplace8Energy-Monitoring Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric’s PowerPact™ with Micrologic™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers are designed to strengthen energy-management and control capabilities in an electrical distribution system. Available across the company’s entire circuit breaker prod-uct line, from 15A to 3000A, they allow managers to access energy-load profiles at every point in a system. Built-in indicators provide a quick view of protection status, contact-wear status and tripping status.
Schneider Electric
Palatine, IL

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Click Into The Big Picture Of Equipment Conditions

Equipment Reliability Systems’ Proactive Maintenance Toolbox software lets users document and store all of their equipment information, including details on machinery health and condition-monitoring procedures and analyses, in one place and then share it with others. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, this interface requires almost no learning curve and lead time to operate. Data in the software is accessed by simply clicking on a piece of equipment.
Equipment Reliability Systems, LLC
Eau Claire, WI

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0911mplace9Robust Plug & Receptacle Line

Meltric’s DSDC Series of plugs and receptacles provides safer and more robust connections for DC applications up to 200 amps at 250 VDC, up to 100 amps at 600 VDC or up to 30 amps at 750 VDC. The line offers a dead-front safety shutter that prevents user access to live parts, and a padlockable pawl for easy locking in connected or disconnected modes. Solid silver-nickel contact surfaces provide maximum performance and durability while spring-loaded, butt-style contacts ensure optimal contact force.
Meltric Corp.
Franklin, WI

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