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Lubricants Are Not Commodities: Making The Case For Superior Lubrication

EP Editorial Staff | October 4, 2011

Lubricant performance can vary greatly between competing mineral-based and synthetic oils. Because these quality differences directly and significantly impact the ultimate cost of operating and maintaining rotating equipment, your lubricant purchases can’t be managed the same way your organization manages its purchasing of commodity-type products. Lubricant excellence must always be the top priority, for even the most effective lubricant-management practices can’t impart properties to a lubricant that it doesn’t possess.

The primary job of a lubricant is to reduce friction and protect lubricated components. (Those reflect, respectively, energy- and wear-related issues.). Most rotating equipment repairs are due to the failure of lubricated components, mainly bearings. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that truly superior lubrication will deliver both energy and maintenance savings. That’s where Royal Purple comes in.


Return On Investment
Royal Purple lubricants consistently deliver a higher level of performance across a broader group of equipment than other industrial oils. The cost reductions achieved with these lubricants consistently exceed the total cost of the product, often within a few weeks. A number of real-world case examples back up these statements—based on actual data from paper mills, food processing facilities, refineries, chemical plants and more. They’re available for your review here. These success stories have been categorized by the primary benefit reported from using Royal Purple products: energy savings, maintenance savings or improved production. In these cases, Royal Purple lubricants replaced major brand products that met all of the equipment manufacturer’s requirements. In multiple examples, Royal Purple replaced another synthetic oil.

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In most of the studies, the equipment involved didn’t suffer from mechanical defects, nor did it lack proper maintenance. The improved performance resulted because Royal Purple lubricants were able to mitigate effects of the con-ditions in which the equipment was required to operate. All of the energy studies are inclusive of every piece of machinery selected for evaluation so as to be representative of what might be expected across a broad population of equipment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Royal Purple encourages you to make an informed decision based on actual results in your own machinery. Ask your maintenance and operations departments to select equipment for an evaluation of what Royal Purple lubricants can do for you.  To learn more, visit us at

Royal Purple
Porter, TX

REMEMBER: Most initiatives intended to reduce maintenance costs and improve rotating equipment reliability are very time- and people-intensive. Royal Purple offers substantial improvements and cost savings by simply replacing a product you already buy and use. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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