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EP Editorial Staff | October 3, 2011

lubestarzWe love to learn about LMT readers, including what they do in the field of lubrication (and what they likeabout their jobs)! Here’s what our September/October Lube Star told us:

Title: Maintenance Mechanic
Alcoa – Mt. Holly
Goose Creek, SC

Background: Steve Vaughan has been working in the Alcoa – Mt. Holly operations for 28 years, including 24 in his current position as a maintenance/lubrication professional. He ranks his overall knowledge of industrial lubrication as “advanced,” and tells us that hereceived much of his lubrication-related education and training on the job and through live workshops and non-structured online opportunities (such as Webinars, company videos, etc.).

Why He Became A Lubrication Professional: According to Steve, he viewed professional development in the lubrication arena as an opportunity to focus on a part of a job that he had been doing for years. After all, as he points out, “There is a lot more to it [lubrication] than shooting grease and filtering oil.”

0910lubeWhat He Likes Most About His Work: Steve summed up the best part of his work in one sentence: “I like the wealth of information on lubrication and figuring out the best way to apply that knowledge with resources available.”

Congratulations to Steve for being selected to our Lube Starz team! Our congratulations (and thanks) also go out to Alcoa – Mt. Holly for helping us put a spotlight on Steve, as well as for helping grow the maintenance/lubrication profession.

Our caps are off to all hardworking Lube Starz, who’ll receive their own baseball caps for making the team. Up for the game? Go to or to tell us about yourself! Follow the instructions for submitting your own application and photo and you might find your work-related profile in a future LMT issue. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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