Publisher’s Notes: The Journey Continues

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

bill_kiesel_thumbIt’s been an amazing journey. Moving toward 2012 and a year-long celebration of Maintenance Technology’s Silver Anniversary, I’ve been spending considerable time going through our magazine’s archives.

Coming face to face with the vast amount of recognized expertise and invaluable technical information in our past issues has been a wonderful, yet humbling, experience for me. While I’ve played just a small part in this quarter century of publishing success, the editors, artists, contributors and advertisers who’ve filled our pages over the years have had a major role in growing the maintenance and reliability profession. To all of them—past and present—I want to say congratulations for a job well done!

0112publisherIn our fast-paced world fraught with great uncertainty and change, what has remained constant is the importance of maintenance and reliability across industry and the innovative spirit of end-users and suppliers that work in and/or serve this market. I see, read and hear about it every day. That’s where this publication comes in. As we’ve noted year after year, we continue to view our job as one of helping you do yours better, faster and easier. Take it from me: Our current team is just as passionate about doing that month-in and month-out as the original Maintenance Technology team was 25 years ago! I know this from immersing myself in every issue as soon as it reaches my desk.

Although the digital age certainly may be upon us, I (like many of you, I bet) still love how each print issue of Maintenance Technology looks, the feel of its glossy covers and the smell of its fresh-off-the-press ink. Every turn of a page increases my appreciation for the well-thought-out creative design and interplay between editor-ial and advertising that our team strives for—and makes me very proud to be associated with this publication.

On behalf of Maintenance Technology, thank you for helping us make our first 25 years such a resounding success. I’m confident the next 25 will be just as exciting. Let’s continue this amazing journey! Happy New Year!


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