The Corporate Report 2011: NEC Avio Infrared Technologies, Ltd.

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

1211CRnecNEC Avio Infrared Technologies is now offering a complimentary Simon Says…on Infrared Thermography DVD featuring Dan Simon, GM Predictive Technologies Lab Manager/General Motors Thermography Expert. On the DVD, Mr. Simon discusses industrial applications of infrared technology.

He has been using infrared technology for 27 years and continues to use it in everyday manufacturing processes such as injection molding, steel or aluminum forming, forging operations, painting operations, glass, rubber and many other industrial applications.

The DVD focuses on the cost savings made possible by using NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Infrared Cameras—savings that will help bring your product to market faster, boost the throughput of your facility, provide greater safety for your workers and help reduce the cost of scrap—as well as on how to utilize infrared technology in product design. Mr. Simon also teaches you about several inspection techniques. Most important, as Simon Says, NEC Avio Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras will help you “Turn a Seemingly Impossible Measurement and Control Problem into a Practical Working Process.”

DVD, please contact NEC Avio Infrared Technologies by email:; or by telephone: 800.423.2344 Ext. 411, or 818.365.0800 Ext. 411.

If you have applications in your plant that require a thermal-imaging solution, NEC Avio Infrared Technologies has representation and engineers—including Dan Simon himself—available to provide that solution for you. In the event you have a need for thermal-imaging cameras, please contact us for more information or to schedule an onsite demonstration of our products.

For a complete product list, please visit to check the NEC Avio latest product updates for Infrared Cameras, Infrared Modules and Analog Data Acquisition Recorders. While there, you can also view new product offerings, technical articles and application notes.

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