The Corporate Report 2011: NTT Workforce Development Institute

EP Editorial Staff | March 23, 2012

OSHA states that your company is responsible for qualifying workers who perform electrical tasks. First, they need electrical safety training. In addition, qualified workers need hands-on classroom training so that they can learn from practical experience. All training should be documented.

Now, there’s a single training program that includes both electrical safety awareness and hands-on electrical skills development. It’s called “Electrical Safety Practical Skills,” a new course within NTT’s Skill Circuit™ Training System. After electrical safety training, students develop practical skills in hands-on lab exercises using real electrical equipment supplied by NTT. The course can be customized for the electrical work that your staff most commonly performs. The program is typically conducted over three to five days at your location and on your schedule. After this course, take the next step with Electrical Qualification Training, which will train your company how to evaluate and qualify your workers.

Companies may also enroll 40 or more employees in Skill Circuit™ Online, our Web-based Learning Management System that enables your company to track and document electrical training activities. This ensures that you have evidence of compliance with OSHA training requirements. Additionally, our online assessments and courses guarantee that employees will retain more of the knowledge they learn in the “Electrical Safety Practical Skills” course.

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