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EP Editorial Staff | May 31, 2012

050612marketkittiwakeMonitoring Wear Debris In Hazardous Environments

Kittiwake’s ATEX Metallic Wear Debris Sensor facilitates real-time wear debris monitoring for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in hazardous areas. Capable of being mounted within any lubrication system, on any type of asset, it uses a combination of inductive-coil technology and algorithms to provide a particle- size distribution count. ATEX and IECEx certifications allow the product to be used in environments where explosive gases are likely to be present.

Kittiwake Americas
Houston, TX

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Easy, Less-Messy Oil-Sampling

According to JLM Systems, the Pass-Thru technology on its recently introduced OILMISER™ Pass-Thru Sampling Valve (SV-PT) is a game changer for oil sampling. Designed with a plated steel body and Hex cap with chain tether, the device’s Pass-Thru feature allows a ¼” OD plastic tube or the OILMISER™ pass-through pitot tube to be inserted from the outside into the machine from which oil is being sampled. A tube seal/wiper strips surface oil from the sampling tube. The new SV-PT is available with a ¼”, 3/8”, ½” or ¾” NPT male pipe thread. 

JLM Systems Ltd.
Richmond, BC, Canada

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Severe-Service Rotary Shaft Seals 

Kalsi Enginering’s 568-Series Enhanced Lubrication rotary shaft seals were developed to reduce torque and seal-generated heat in the type of high-pressure surface applications where higher hydrodynamic leakage can be tolerated and thinner viscosity lubricants may be encountered. Dual Durometer configurations are available to augment high-pressure extrusion resistance. These seals are suited to oilfield surface applications like rotary blowout preventers, rotary heads and multi-port hydraulic swivels.

Kalsi Engineering, Inc.
Sugar Land, TX

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050612marketschroederCleanliness Indicators For Hydraulic Filters

Schroeder Industries’ MS Electrical Dirt Alarm® Indicator Series is suited for use with a range of the company’s hydraulic filters. The products alert users of the need to change out an element, thus helping maintain crucial fluid cleanliness. A crimped body design eliminates the need for the four bolts used in the product’s existing design, reducing cost and assembly time. A thermal lockout option can help prevent false indications during cold starts.

Schroeder Industries
Leetsdale, PA


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050612marketindumarQuick-Working Leak Sealant

StopIt HP™ from InduMar Products is a leak sealant for working pressures up to 2000 psi. To apply, users mix a premeasured, two-part sealant, wet a fibrous reinforcement tape and wrap it around the pipe surface. The sealant can be applied regardless of pipe orientation, and provides a durable coating approximately 5 mm thick. It has a working time of 8-10 minutes and requires as little as four hours to cure. 

InduMar Products, Inc.
Houston, TX


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