Technology Showcase: PdM Solutions

EP Editorial Staff | June 11, 2012

050612marketkittiwakeMonitoring Wear Debris In Hazardous Environments
Kittiwake’s ATEX Metallic Wear Debris Sensor facilitates real-time wear-debris monitoring for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals in hazardous areas. Capable of being mounted within any lubrication system on any type of asset, it uses a combination of inductive-coil technology and algorithms to provide a particle- size distribution count. ATEX and IECEx certifications allow the product to be used in environments where explosive gases are likely to be present.

Kittiwake Americas
Houston, TX

Bearing-Fault-Frequency Update  
LUDECA is offering a complimentary White Paper full of normalized bearing information that lets users approximate fault frequencies without having to know the bearing manufacturer and other difficult-to-obtain details. This type of fault-frequency info is crucial to effective vibration-analysis and reliability efforts in that it allows analysts to correlate vibration data to specific components in equipment that may be in some stage of failure. Correctly addressing these conditions will increase equipment reliability resulting in greater uptime, increased capacity, improved product quality, better safety, lower costs and reduced risks. 
Doral, FL
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