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EP Editorial Staff | August 15, 2012

0812mplacepliExpanded Automatic Lubricator Lineup

PLI, LLC has announced an addition to its line of resusable MEMOLUB® automatic lubricator products.  MEMOLUB® ONE LPS is a low-pressure 240cc single-point, self-contained design with low environmental impact. According to the manufacturer, it saves time, money, labor and bearings with precise metered lubricant injection, simple programming (one-, three-, six- or 12-month settings) and economical, easy-to-change, replaceable lube cartridges.  The device is offered with a three-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Racine, WI 

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0812mplaceexairMonitoring & Analyzing Compressed Air Consumption

According to EXAIR, its Digital Flowmeter provides an excellent way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste. With the addition of a new EXAIR USB Data Logger, operations can also maintain a history of the Digital Flowmeter’s measurements for analysis. Collected data can be viewed in the included software or exported directly into Microsoft Excel®. The USB Data Logger is available pre-installed on the Digital Flowmeter. Summing Remote Displays that make it easy to monitor compressed air consumption from a convenient location are also available. 

Cincinnati, OH

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0812mplaceirdIncreased Balancing Machine Accuracy And Convenience

IRD Balancing says its Model 295 instrument brings a new level of accuracy and convenience to balancing rotating equipment. A wide range of features are available to cover all the requirements of precision balancing on a balancing machine, including comparison to established tolerances and printing a user-customizable certificate to document the balancing results. A touch-activated, flat LCD screen allows quick data entry and menu selection. Screen prompts and online help files assist the operator in obtaining fast, accurate results. Polar or large digital displays are available to provide graphic representation of the balance vectors. Visual color identification is provided for “in tolerance” and “out of tolerance” conditions. Built on a Windows®7 platform with newly designed internal electronics, the 295 is a “drop in” upgrade to the Model 236, 246, 290 and many other IRD Balancing Instruments. Data files, external keyboards and printers are easily accessible via the USB ports.

Louisville, KY

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0812mplacesorIP68-Rated Submersible Pressure Transmitter

SOR® has achieved the stringent IP68 Rating in up to 100 feet of continuous submersion for its 805PT electronic pressure transmitter. According to the company, the rugged, submersible 805PT supplies continuous precision measurements in liquid services like well monitoring and ground- and surface-water applications, as well as in municipal and industrial applications where watertight protection is required. The unit comes with a 3-year warranty.

Lenexa, KS

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0812mplacesuperboltMulti-Jackbolt Tensioner Technology Literature

In light of its recent acquisition of Superbolt, Inc., the Nord-Lock Group has released new Superbolt® literature covering standard-range multi-jackbolt tensioners (MJTs). The manufacturer notes that MJTs are among the most innovative technologies available for tightening bolts and studs, and have proven themselves in the field in every major industry around the world. They retrofit to existing nuts and bolts and require only hand/air tools to tension accurately and quickly. The new brochure is available in both print and digital form. 

Superbolt, Inc.
Carnegie, PA

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Enhanced Software Technology Helps Avoid Roof Replacements 

Predictive Service says the addition of AerialPoint® to its suite of Web-based software tools enhances its proven Aerial Infrared approach to accurately pinpointing problem areas on roofs. Among other things, it lets users document complete roof asset information, as well as add points of interest like chiller units, antennas, satellite dishes, gas and steam lines, solar panels, etc., and identify highest-priority concerns based on asset criticality and severity of damage.

Predictive Services
Cleveland, OH

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Filtering Diesel Fuel To Meet OEM Cleanliness Specs 

Oil Filtration Systems has announced a line of fuel filtration and coalescer equipment to remove particulate and water contamination from #2 diesel and other fuels. According to the company, these custom-built assemblies can ensure that filtered fuel meets or exceeds all stringent new oil-cleanliness specifications set by major manufacturers of turbine-generators and large off-road equipment. The systems remove fuel contaminants via two processes: First, high-efficiency filter elements remove particulate down to 1-micron to meet or exceed specifications as low as ISO 14/12/11. Then, high-efficiency coalescer and separator elements remove free water to levels under 50 PPM.

Oil Filtration Systems 
A Clark-Reliance Company
Boerne, TX

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