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EP Editorial Staff | August 2, 2012

0612mplace1Protecting Motor Bearings With Shaft-Grounding Assemblies

Helwig Carbon’s Bearing Protector is a shaft-grounding assembly that diverts static and induced electrical currents in motor shafts away from bearings, thus protecting them from pitting and other damage. The manufacturer notes these easy-to-install-and-maintain products offer a more consistent, low-voltage drop than grounding straps, braids or makeshift solutions. Available for immediate delivery, stock kits fit most motors and shaft sizes. Custom kits are also available.

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI

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Remote Analysis Of Machinery & Processes

According to Vibration Specialty Corp. (VSC), its new PROTECT Wireless tool cost-effectively merges predictive maintenance and energy monitoring with monitoring of every other process-related vital sign to provide a comprehensive picture of plant conditions in real time. Its  advanced hardware gives remote analysts a view of conditions through detailed phase analysis across couplings, motors and even separate machinery. VSC notes this is the type of data that has traditionally been available only via onsite analysts.

Vibration Specialy Corp. (VSC)
Philadelphia, PA

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Enviromentally Friendly Grease Reformulation

Terresolve has noted the launch of its reformulated EnviroLogic 802, a lithium complex grease for use in environmentally sensitive marine, marine-construction, dredging, rail and industrial applications. In accordance with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s ultimate biodegradation test, the product breaks down into natural parts within 28 days. This guarantees the grease will have no long-term negative environ-mental effects on turf, plants or animals in case of a leak or spill. 

Terresolve Technologies Ltd.
Mentor, OH

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070812mplace2Filtering Diesel Fuel To Meet OEM Cleanliness Specs 

Oil Filtration Systems has announced a line of fuel filtration and coalescer equipment to remove particulate and water contamination from #2 Diesel and other combustion fuels. According to the company, these custom-built assemblies can ensure that filtered fuel meets or exceeds all stringent new oil-cleanliness specifications set by major manufacturers of turbine-generators and large off-road equipment. The systems remove fuel contaminants via two processes: First, high-efficiency filter elements remove particulate down to 1-micron to meet or exceed specifications as low as ISO 14/12/11. Then, high-efficiency coalescer and separator elements remove free water to levels under 50 PPM.

Oil Filtration Systems 
A Clark-Reliance Company
Boerne, TX

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