Solution Spotlight: Square Off With Higher-Cycling Wrench Time

EP Editorial Staff | August 15, 2012

0812solution1SPX Bolting Systems notes that its line of High Cycle Torque Wrenches meets demanding applications in wind power, mining, petroleum and other heavy industrial markets where long life, reliability, safety and ease of use are crucial. Designated TWHC Square Drive Torque Wrenches, they’re designed for high-cycle life, two to three times longer than technology previously available in the market. According to the manufacturer, the simple, yet rugged drive assembly at the heart of the design means less downtime and increased reliability. 

Usability and safety highlights
Noteworthy features of these low-weight, high-strength devices include corrosion-resistant materials of construction that allow operation in harsh environments. A compact nose radius lets the tool fit into tight, hard-to-reach spaces. A multi-direction high-flow swivel manifold along with push-button square drive reversal and reaction arm positioning further enhance usability. Drive mechanisms on these units are fully enclosed for operator safety. An internal relief valve on the swivel manifold prevents retract side over-pressurization, while a fine-tooth ratchet prevents tool “lock on.”

TWHC High Cycle Torque Wrenches are available in three square-drive sizes:

  • The 3/4”drive creates 1300 lb. ft. (1762 Nm) of torque output. 
  • The 1” drive creates 3070 lb. ft. (4160 Nm). 
  • The 1-1/2” drive creates 6020 lb. ft. (8157 Nm). 

This High Cycle line is available through a worldwide network of bolting partners and distributors that stock and support the entire SPX Bolting Systems offering. MT

SPX Bolting Systems
Rockford, IL

More About SPX Bolting Systems

Positioned within SPX Hydraulic Technologies, part of SPX Corporation, SPX Bolting Systems is a full-line global manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, tensioners, torque wrenches and high-force tools and equipment. SPX Hydraulic Technologies’ other brand names include Power Team, Stone, Hytec, Globe and Rail Systems.

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