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EP Editorial Staff | December 14, 2012

1212mplacecityOxygen Sensor For Flue Gas Analyzers

The OXeco LP sensor from City Technology was developed to improve accuracy, operational life and resistance to cross-contamination in flue gas analyzers. The 4OXeco LP low-power version is for use in portable equipment, and is produced in an industry-standard 4 Series form factor to ensure mechanical compatibility with existing instrument designs. According to the company, its lead-free toxic gas sensor technology reduces response and recovery times, and can eliminate field failures.  

City Technology Ltd.
A Honeywell brand
Des Plaines, IL

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1212mplacecrozierPortable Speed-Lathe Platform 

The “Building Block” platform Model 30DC-BB from Crozier Machine Tool Co. can be mated with the company’s Model 30DC Speed Lathe to become a mini-machining cell suited for many second operations. Using a rigid T-slotted base for mounting, the portable platform is ideal for deburring, gauging, finish sanding, inspection, lapping, turning, assembly or light dry machining of any part that can be held by a collet.

Crozier Machine Tool Co.
Gardena, CA

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Guide To Preventing Environmental Degradation

The Handbook of Environmental Degradation of Materials explains how to measure, analyze and control environmental degradation for a range of industrial materials, including metals, polymers, cer-
amics, concrete, wood and textiles. Environmental factors such as weather, seawater and fire are explained using case studies from pipeline operations, tankers, packaging and chemical processing. For each material, the book describes the kinds of degradation that affect it and how to best protect it.

Research and Markets Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland

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Wireless Vibration Monitoring With Cloud Capabilities

SmartDiagnostics® from KCF Technologies is a low-cost suite of wireless sensors for vibration monitoring of industrial machinery.  With the release of version 1.2, KCF has added Cloud capabilities to the suite. The functionality adds a pre-configured collection server to deliver data to the user from a centrally located system in the Cloud, allowing implementation with minimal training and expertise. Also new is the ability to set up e-mail or text alerts to warn users of potential failures.

KCF Technologies
State College, PA

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Air-Filtration Systems That Capture Oil Mist 

Clean Air America’s ScandMist air-filtration systems are intended for the capture and removal of oil mist from manufacturing facilities. The most recent additions to the line, the ScandMist 70D and 100D, are compact solutions for keeping air clean in any size plant. The systems feature fiber-bed technology that allows oil mist to condense on filter fibers, where it collects to drain into a reservoir for future collection. An optional variable frequency drive measures air speed through the filters and helps boost efficiency.

Clean Air America, Inc.
Rome, GA

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Bio-Based Grinding Oil

Castrol Performance Biolubes NuCut Grind is a light viscosity, high-performance cutting oil specifically designed for the grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Formulated with high-quality, plant-based oils and select additives, the product’s high levels of lubricity help it outperform conventional mineral-based grinding oils, according to the company. Intended for general-purpose surface and centerless grinding, it offers reduced levels of mist and improved centricity, accuracy and part run-out.

Castrol Industrial
Naperville, IL

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1212mplacehoughtonHeavy-Duty Lubricant For Drawing And Stamping

Houghto-Draw® 7060-B from Houghton International, Inc., is a heavy-duty, bio-stable lubricant that can be used for drawing and stamping a variety of metals such as high- and low-carbon steel and alloy steels. Formulated for use on yellow metals, the lubricant is water-soluble, protects metals without staining and provides corrosion protection with in-process protection of machinery parts. It can also increase tool and die life and improve surface finish.

Houghton International, Inc.
Valley Forge, PA

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1212mplaceportacoolPortable Cooling Unit 

The Port-A-Cool® Hurricane portable evaporative cooling unit uses high-efficiency cooling pads and water to cool up to 3500 square feet and lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees F. Its design provides 67-gallon water capacity and 14,500 CFM which the company claims is the largest airflow delivery of any 36-inch evaporative cooler offered. It requires 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation. Additional features include a digital control panel with touch buttons for operation and status displays.

Port-A-Cool, LLC
Center, TX

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1212mplaceteltruDIN Rail And Head-Mounted Temperature Transmitters

Tel-Tru’s line of factory-calibrated analog temperature transmitters is available in configurations for RTD Pt100 or J, K, T, or E Thermocouple inputs, all with linear loop-powered 4-20mA output. Precision 20-turn potentiometers allow fine adjustment of zero and span. Available in a variety of configurations to meet demanding applications, the transmitters can be DIN-rail-mounted or mounted into industry-standard connection heads. 

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.
Rochester, NY

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1212mplaceversamaticMobile App For AODD Pump Users 

A new Versa-Matic mobile application supports its Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps. It can help pump owners find the tools needed to support pumps installed in the field, as well as pumps currently being built and shipped. Information related to a specific pump can be foundthrough bar-scanning or by manual entry. Additional features include an interactive guide to chemical compatibility, the latest full-line catalogs, service and repair training videos and more.

A Warren Rupp, Inc., Brand
Mansfield, OH

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1212mplacewoodheadWiring Devices For Extreme Environments

Woodhead’s Watertite® Wet-Location Wiring Devices are intended for extreme and wet environments, and meet NEMA type 4, 4X, 6, 6P, IP65, IP66 and IP67. Products include closure caps, compression-type cord grips and single, duplex receptacles. The devices can withstand high-pressure hose-downs up to 1000 PSI, making them suited for use in processing and water-treatment plants. They include multiple ring seals that lock snugly to protect against moisture and contaminants.

Woodhead Electrical Products
A Molex Industrial Products Group Brand
Lincolnshire, IL

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