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EP Editorial Staff | December 5, 2012

11showcaseludecaFaster Machinery Alignment Via Onboard Intelligence

The sensALIGN  tool from Ludeca combines PRUEFTECHNIK’s new, patented intelligent sensor technology with the ROTALIGN ULTRA iS platform. The result is instantaneous data acquisition and real-time displays, with 100% accuracy, under even the roughest field conditions. The sensALIGN intelligence automatically considers the effects of ambient vibration, acceleration of rotation, backlash, speed of rotation and other factors in determining the Quality Factor (QF) of alignment. According to Ludeca, ROTALIGN ULTRA iS, with its user-friendly interface, is now faster than ever, even while collecting  thousands of measurement points with its patented Continuous IntelliSWEEP method. 

Ludeca, Inc.
Doral, FL

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Bio-Based Grinding Oil

Castrol Performance Biolubes NuCut Grind is a light viscosity, high-performance cutting oil specifically designed for the grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Formulated with high-quality, plant-based oils and select additives, the product’s high levels of lubricity help it outperform conventional mineral-based grinding oils, according to the company. Intended for general-purpose surface and centerless grinding, it offers reduced levels of mist and improved centricity, accuracy and part run-out. 

Castrol Industrial
Naperville, IL

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11mplaceifhSpill-Containing Fluid Storage

IFH Group’s Fluid Storage & Dispensing Systems incorporate spill-containing capabilities that can prevent costly clean-ups, make fluid dispensing easier and provide compliance with EPA regulations such as 40 CFR 264.175. All 21 IFH standard centralized systems are equipped with a drip pan, making dispensing of fluids into containers from self-closing faucets quick and spill-free. For all two-, three- and four-container systems with outboard console mounting, a spill containment pan is provided at the base of the system to collect any accidental spills. 

The IFH Group, Inc.
Rock Falls, IL

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1112mplacecleanairAir-Filtration Systems That Capture Oil Mist 

Clean Air America’s ScandMist air-filtration systems are intended for the capture and removal of oil mist from manufacturing facilities. The most recent additions to the line, the ScandMist 70D and 100D, are compact solutions for keeping air clean in any size plant. The systems feature fiber-bed technology that allows oil mist to condense on filter fibers, where it collects to drain into a reservoir for future collection. An optional variable frequency drive measures air speed through the filters and helps boost efficiency. 

Clean Air America, Inc.
Rome, GA

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11mplaceprolongWater-Soluble Cutting Fluid

Prolong® Super Lubricants’ Ultra Cut 1 Water Soluble Cutting Fluid can help eliminate uneven cuts, reduce power consumption and increase tool life. Designed to maximize results in sawing, grinding, boring, turning or milling processes that require coolants, the product protects metals from corrosion and extends the life of cutting solutions and tools. It also can be used as a flood coolant and for making emulsions in machine shops. Ultra Cut 1 comes in gallon-size bottles, 5-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums. 

Prolong Super Lubricants
Pomona, CA

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