The Corporate Report 2012: Predictive Service

EP Editorial Staff | December 14, 2012

Predictive Service provides solutions for maintenance, reliability and sustainability to facility owners, operators and manufacturers around the world. We accomplish this by deploying unique technologies, thought processes, people, products and services, utilizing a collaborative and customized approach to maximize our clients’ results. 

A Global Team, Delivering Services Locally

Predictive Service focuses on a complete spectrum of engineering and consulting services, predictive maintenance technologies, equipment efficiency and reliability, energy management and repair solutions. Our products and services are supported by patented technology and a highly skilled, global team of professionals, delivering services locally.  This combination of resources and methods ensures superior program management and actionable knowledge, thus enabling our clients to operate their facilities and equipment efficiently, maximizing their value, and thereby sustaining long-term partnership relationships.

Why Clients Choose Predictive Service:

  • Broad range of product offerings and expertise
  • Integrated, customized solutions from highly-skilled professionals
  • Unique, patented technology to sup-port our collaborative and customized approach
  • Superior program management with actionable knowledge and solutions
  • Documented KPI’s supported by true Return on Investment
  • Dedication to long-term partnership relationships 



Predictive Service

25200 Chagrin Blvd.

Cleveland, OH 44122

Ph: 866.772.6770



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