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EP Editorial Staff | March 12, 2013

0313showcasehimmelsteinOil-Rig Torque Transmitter For Controlling Support Loads

MCRT® 39000X devices from S. Himmelstein accurately measure torque for control and verification of loads on oil-rig support legs. They enable load monitoring during jacking operations and help maintain stability despite uneven and shifting sea beds and strong currents. Mounted between the electric motors and pinion drive gearboxes on each leg’s truss, the system transmits data via a two-wire 4-20 mA loop to the Control Room. According to the manufacturer, because the MCRT 39000X measures source-load distribution directly, it allows a significantly faster response time than other systems and with no guessing as to the location of stress on the rig’s structure. Immune to ambient noise, vibration, lubricants and other hostile environments, these robust, ferrite-free units incorporate no slip rings, brushes, radio transmitters or other noisy, limited-life elements, nor are they susceptible to cracking and impact damage. The MCRT® 39000X has been certified by both ABS and DNV for oil field use. 

S. Himmelstein and Co.
Hoffman Estates, IL

0313showcasespectrolineUV Leak-Detection Tool For All Industrial-Fluid Systems 

The new, compact Spectroline®’ OPTI-LUX™ 365 leak detection flashlight provides UV light for optimal fluorescent dye response for all types of industrial-fluid-system applications. The product works with all oil- and water-based fluorescent dyes, including OIL-GLO™ 22 (yellow), OIL-GLO™ 30 (white), OIL-GLO™ 33 (green), OIL-GLO™ 40 (bright blue), OIL-GLO™ 44 (yellow/green), OIL-GLO™ 45 (blue) and OIL-GLO™ 50 (red), as well as with WD-801 and WD-802 water dyes. Producing a brilliant glow that makes all leaks easier to find, while slashing valuable diagnostic time, this flashlight even works with difficult-to-fluoresce dirty fluids. According to the manufacturer, the OPTI-LUX 365 is more than twice as powerful as most corded, high-intensity UV lamps. Featuring “instant-on” operation, it provides up to four hours of continuous run-time. Its rugged, anodized aluminum body resists corrosion and stands up to years of heavy use. The flashlight comes with a lanyard, belt holster, two rechargeable batteries, smart charging cradle with AC power cord and UV-absorbing spectacles, all packaged in a padded carrying case.

Spectroline Corp.
Westbury, NY

Advanced, User-Based Energy-Industry Software Predicts, Diagnoses, Prioritizes

GE has released Proficy® SmartSignal® Shield 4.0 for the Oil & Gas and Power industries. This advanced software provides early warning of impending equipment problems, diagnostic guidance and prioritized actionable intelligence. Protected by more than 40 patents, Shield 4.0 was developed with the help of blind data from GE customers based on millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures in over 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets. Using that shared data, GE was able to identify fault patterns in the context of operating behavior that are critical to the Power and Oil & Gas industries and incorporate them into the software. Beyond vibration and thermal analyses, the software uniquely models all data on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment. Shield 4.0 also incorporates a suite of applications that allow quick design and implementation, including clear access to diagnostics and rules that let users understand and adjust the software based on their own expertise.

GE Intelligent Platforms
Charlottesville, VA





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