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EP Editorial Staff | June 14, 2013

0506mplacefluiddefenseVisually Intuitive Lubrication Management

According to Fluid Defense, its visually intuitive OilSafe® lubrication-management system simplifies maintenance by preventing contamination, errors, spills and slowdowns. It features color-coded, modular bulk storage units that can be configured to your exact needs. Each tank has its own pump and filter. Precise-pour, ergonomically designed push-button transfer containers with interchangeable, color-coded lids come in a range of sizes. Customizable, industrial-grade labels integrate throughout the entire system to ensure that lubricants go exactly where they are supposed to go. Just match colors and shapes.

Fluid Defense Systems, LLC
Montgomery, IL

0506mplacespmRugged, Portable Vibration Analyzer

Leonova Emerald® is the latest addition to SPM Instrument’s Leonova line of portable, high-powered vibration analyzers. It provides razor-sharp spectrums even where signals are weak and low in energy content. According to the manufacturer, the Emerald’s excellent signal-to-noise ratio provides a distinct advantage with equipment like gearboxes, where weak signals are present among stronger ones. Measurement-data-processing, machine-fault-symptom computation and trending are all done in the instrument. An EX-approved version is available for hazardous environments.

SPM Instrument, Inc.
Eugene, OR

0506mplaceindustrialinnovationsNo-Drip, Mag-Base Lube Nozzle

Industrial Innovations now offers its Z (zero drip)-nozzle with a magnetic base that secures the unit tightly to its mount, yet can be moved and repositioned as needed. Designed to work with the Spra-Rite lube system, this 99.5% drip-free device is controlled through pressure, time, degree of pattern and electronic programming of a simple HMI. Available in brass, stainless steel or plastic with various tubing choices, it features easy tip interchangeability for a range of angles and volumes.

Industrial Innovations
Wyoming, MI

0506mplacekonecranesNext-Generation Light-Lift Hoist

Konecranes’ new CLX Electric Chain Hoist is designed for applications where high-speed load transfers and precise assembly work are required. Currently offered in capacities of 130 to 4400 lbs, it can be paired with workstation, overhead and jib cranes or deployed in a wide range of fixed configurations. Larger capacities will be available soon. Features include a maintenance-free, oil-lubrication-based transmission and patented five-tooth chain sprocket with intermediate teeth.

Springfield, OH

Tough Food Grade Synthetic Grease

Sprayon® Products has added LU™207 Food Grade Synthetic Grease to its  NSF® H1-Rated Food Grade lube lineup. According to the manufacturer, this multi-service, non-melting, waterproof product fortified with PTFE offers excellent film strength and extreme pressure qualities. It’s designed specifically to lubricate, seal out water and resist chemical attack under the most demanding conditions. 

Sprayon Products
Cleveland, OH

0506mplacenewpigFeature-Rich Containment System Offers Drive-Through Capabilities

New Pig’s recently introduced PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Fail-Safe Containment System features end walls that can remain folded during normal use, but automatically rise and float with the liquid level should a leak or spill occur. The addition of floating walls allows the system to provide constant drive-through containment capability without the need to manually fold the sidewalls up or down each time a vehicle enters or exits the containment system. Heavy-duty hinges can be manually locked into place when snow, hoses or other heavy objects could prevent the flotation system from functioning. Made of tough XR-5 geomembrane, it’s suited for use under storage tanks, tote tanks, pillow tanks, pallets loaded with drums and more. Available in three variations with sump capacities from 748 to 5236 gallons, this containment system can be customized to fit the needs of any facility.

New Pig Corp.
Tipton, PA






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