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EP Editorial Staff | August 8, 2013

0708mplacekopflexHigh-Performance, Hybrid Coupling

The Kop-Flex MAX-C WB hybrid coupling is a solution for managing torsional vibration in high-performance drivetrains powered by synchronous motors, VFDs and diesel engines, or those driving reciprocating machinery or handling shock loads. The design combines a maintenance-free, non-lubricated MAX-C resilient coupling half with a lightweight diaphragm, disc or high-performance gear coupling half, depending on the application.

A unit of Emerson’s Power Transmission Solutions business
Florence, KY

0713techshow3Lube Products For Trade And Industrial Pros

To serve the needs of today’s busy professionals throughout the trades and industry, WD-40® has announced the addition of three new products to its Specialist® lineup:

Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube is a specially created, fast-drying formula that reduces friction and wear.  An NSF Category H2 product, it resists dirt, dust and oil, helps release molded parts and is suitable for lubricating slides, rollers and hinges.

Machine & Engine Degreaser, which can spray up to five feet, has a deep foaming penetrating action that quickly removes grease, oil, dirt and grime.  Authorized for use under NSF Category C1, it’s appropriate for use on engines, gears, chains, industrial machinery, power equipment and metal tools.

Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray, an NSF K2-registered product, is safe to use on plastic, rubber and metal surfaces.  Incorporating Smart Straw® technology, it can easily clean oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from circuit boards, controls, switches, precision instruments and electrical panels.

These new products are available at select retailers and industrial distributors nationwide.

WD-40 Company
San Diego, CA

0713marketplacebaldorLong-Life ER-Style Ball Bearings

Baldor’s line of Baldor·Dodge® ER-Style ball bearings is available in two shaft-attachment methods: The set-screw version has a 65-degree set-screw angle for maximum shaft grip, while the D-Lok™ product offers a clamp collar grip for maximum concentricity to minimize vibration. Both employ snap-ring retention to securely fit the cylindrical outer diameter into equipment. They both incorporate the Dodge ProGuard™ seal and flinger package to prevent contamination and maximize component life. Modifications to the seal package are available.

Baldor Electric Co.
Fort Smith, AR

0713techshow2Clean And Protect Hot Line Tools 

CRC’s new dual-action, lint-free Hot Line Tool Cleaner & Protectant Wipes keep fiberglass hot line tools clean. These pre-moistened, easily disposable wipes are saturated with a special cleaner and protectant designed to effectively remove dirt, tar, sap and grease without harming the tool. According to the manufacturer, this unique formula won’t remove or adversely affect gloss finishes or build up on tools over time, nor will it harm lineman gloves, climbing gear or insulating blanket covers. OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.1200 requires the daily cleaning of hot line tools prior to use. CRC’s convenient 8” X 10.5” wipes allow for easy one-time use and eliminate the need for rags and storing of bulk chemicals.

CRC Industries, Inc.
Warminster, PA

0708mplacetricoEasy-To-Use Oil Containers

Trico’s Spectrum Oil Containers provide a solution to identify, store, transport and dispense lubricants in a variety of applications. They are built with High Density Polyethylene to perform in hostile environments, and feature a wide opening for rapid no-spill filling. The containers are semi-transparent with molded volume markings, in gallons and liters, to provide visual monitoring of fluid levels. Available in two-, three- and four-gallon sizes, they contain three handles with contoured finger grips to provide a comfortable and secure hold.

Trico Corp.
Pewaukee, WI

0708mplaceawFood Grade EP Grease 

Chesterton’s 630 SXCF Synthetic Food Grade Grease combines extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties with resistance to water washout and corrosion. It’s well suited for use in processing and packaging applications across the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. According to the company, this NSF H1-registered product can extend the life of food-industry bearings subject to water, sanitizing chemicals and high temperature.

A.W. Chesterton Co.
Woburn, MA

0708mplacedaytonGrease For Steel Surfaces

DayLube high-performance grease uses nanoceramic particles that act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to provide continuous lubrication to steel surfaces. It operates in temperature ranges from -40 to 800 F, and the nanoceramic particles remain intact to 2500 F.  Characterized by high load-bearing properties and a low dielectric constant, DayLube contains no metal or silicone and is resistant to steam, acids and most chemical products.

Dayton Progress
Dayton, OH






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