The Corporate Report 2013: Air Sentry

EP Editorial Staff | November 26, 2013

1112crairsentry1Air Sentry® is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products, preventing cross contamination of lubricants and keeping particulates and moisture from entering industrial machinery: Gearboxes, reservoirs, and storage tanks that hold lubricants and fuels that utilize our products are kept clean and dry, allowing for optimum lubricant performance.

Air Sentry is an advocate of Reliability Centered maintenance—teaching and assisting customers in improving facilities and maintenance programs, conducting plant surveys and increasing awareness to improve lubrication practices and reduce maintenance costs. By providing devices designed to keep dirt and moisture out of lubricating fluids and fuels, Air Sentry products ensure longer fluid life. This extends the life of critical machinery and equipment, and significantly reduces costs for equipment repair and replacement, and unplanned downtime. 

Innovation Drives Us
Air Sentry’s history of innovation dates back to the very beginning. We were first to design solid desiccant beds, allowing for more desiccant, longer life, and better value for the end-user. We were the first to design breathers with replacement cartridges to further reduce costs and environmental waste. We were first to integrate check valve technology into breathers to extend the life of the desiccant. Older designs resulted in desiccant being wasted drying air around the equipment. Air Sentry check valve designs dry only air drawn into equipment, significantly extending the life of the device and reducing costs. 

ColorGuard®—aluminum color-coded adapter kits—work with other color-coded storage and transfer systems and allow visual identification of contents to prevent cross contamination. Cust-omers can filter, fill and sample lubricants, through quick connects, without opening the vessel to atmosphere. This streamlines maintenance and eliminates fluid handling issues. Drum, hydraulic-reservoir, domed-flange and gearbox adapter kits are available in eight distinct colors.

New Breather. New Rules. New Standard.
With the launch of a revolutionary new series, we’ve taken the gold standard to the next level. Guardian® incorporates prior innovations and several industry-first features, enabling it to last longer and significantly reduce cost and maintenance intervals.

The Modular Stack Ring allows for multiple configurations specific to our customer’s needs. The Isolation Check Valve protects the adsorbent from exhaust air and allows installation over fuels and volatile fluids without harm to the desiccant. 

Guardian is the first breather constructed of Tritan™ for the best combination of chemical, temperature and impact resistance on the market, allowing installation in the harshest environments.

The Guardian Shield prevents free water from equipment wash-down or driving rain from forcing open the airflow check valves and excessive dust and dirt from settling on the valves in harsh environments like paper mills or coal mines.

Every innovation has been made to reduce the cost of employing world-class maintenance practices. Air Sentry has been setting the bar for longer breather, fluid and equipment life since 1997, and we’re just getting started.

1112crairsentry2Air Sentry
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