The Corporate Report 2013: Royal Purple LLC

EP Editorial Staff | November 26, 2013

1112crrp1Royal Purple was founded as an industrial lubricants company by John Williams, a pioneer in developing synthetic lubricants. In the early 1980s, Williams was asked by an oil production company to solve chronic bearing failures in their large compressors. He set out to produce a lubricant with the ability to handle the extreme demands of equipment. 

New Lubricant Technology
Williams’ work resulted in a new additive technology that fortified lubricants with an unusually high film strength capable of protecting rotating-equipment components under extreme operating conditions. In addition, the technology had exceptional oxidation stability for long oil life and provided outstanding protection against rust and corrosion in both wet and high temperature applications. This new additive technology—called Synerlec®—became the cornerstone of the Royal Purpleproduct line. Synfilm® GT is one of the innovative products that uses Synerlec technology. 


  • Synfilm® GT is Royal Purple’s most versatile lubricant. In the appropriate viscosity grade, it is recommended for use in gas and steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps, vacuum pumps, blowers, bearings, gears, worm gears and more. It is a long-life, high-film-strength, energy-efficient, synthetic lubricant that significantly increases bearing life and equipment reliability.
  • Synfilm GT gains its performance advantages over competing mineral and synthetic oils through its superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec additive technology. This unique additive technology is proven to make equipment run smoother, cooler and quieter, as well as more reliably and efficiently.

1112crrp2Performance Advantages

  • High Film Strength: Synfilm GT protects bearings far beyond the ability of other turbine oils, carrying significantly greater loads.
  • Long Oil Life: Synfilm GT has out-standing oxidation stability that greatly extends oil change intervals while keeping equipment clean. 
  • Saves Energy: Synfilm GT has an extremely low coefficient of friction that is proven to save energy over conventional oils. In rotating equipment these savings frequently exceed the total cost of the oil within several months making what was once an oil expense a profit. 
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection: Synfilm GT’s tough oil film forms an ionic bond on metal surfaces, which acts as a preservative oil during shutdown and provides instant lubrication at startup.
  • Synthetic Solvency: Synfilm GT’s natural solvency cleans up dirty equipment and keeps it clean.

Though the Synfilm GT formulation has the ability to reliably lubricate many different types of equipment, Royal Purple produces a complete range of high performance lubricants for nearly every industrial application.  

1112crrp3Royal Purple LLC
1 Royal Purple Lane
Porter, TX 77365
Ph. 888.382.6300




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