Lubrication Management & Technology November/December

We’re Moving (And So Are You)

EP Editorial Staff | November 26, 2013

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By Jane Alexander, Deputy Editor

As someone who is preparing to leave one long-time home, so to speak, and move to a new one (more on that later), you might think I’m writing this column with a heavy heart. I’m not. Although Contributing Editor Ray Thibault has announced that his article in this issue is the last regular one he’ll write for us, we’re by no means saying so long. Instead, we say thanks so much, Ray, for nine years of great articles in LMT and its predecessor, Lubrication & Fluid Power. We’re hoping to see more of him, from time to time, when LMT is ensconced in its new digs: That would be Maintenance Technology & Asset Performance magazine and a power-packed, all-things-lube portal now under construction.

The November/December 2013 issue is, in fact, LMT’s last as a stand-alone print publication. Starting in February 2014, it will come to you every other month as a supplement in Maintenance Technology & Asset Performance (which, if they don’t already have one, current LMT print-edition subscribers will automatically receive a subscription to). 

This move is a no-brainer for us: We’ve been considering it for some time. As we all know, lubrication and its associated technologies and methods are among the most important factors in assuring the levels of asset performance that today’s industries crave. LMT’s home in Maintenance Technology & Asset Performance magazine sets in place an ideal one-stop shop from which to deliver the type of comprehensive best-practice and product information that helps lubrication-management professionals successfully support their organizations’ quest for equipment and process reliability. 

Those of us on the LMT team thank you for your loyalty over the years. We’re also very excited about seeing and serving you in our new home. Stay tuned. You’ll be hearing from us soon. LMT




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