Zep Inc.’s Energy Division Offers High-Performance Maintenance Products for Oil and Gas Operators

EP Editorial Staff | November 22, 2013

1122newszepZep Inc.’s North American Sales & Service business, a consumable chemical packaged goods company that manufactures a wide variety of maintenance and cleaning chemicals, has launched Zep Energy, a new business division dedicated to meeting the needs of Oilfield service companies that cater to the oil and gas industry. In addition to providing a wide assortment of high-performance maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products, the division has Oil & Gas Specialists that will work closely with customers to provide a range of support services to help make them more operationally efficient.

“Time is money in the oil and gas industry,” said Steve Nichols, Group President of Zep Inc.  “That’s why our group of consultants is so important. Oilfield customers need products that work efficiently, are compliant, and are safe for employees to use. We supply superior product and equipment solutions that help the service companies work faster, safer and more economically.”


Zep offers more than 60 products designed for the oil and gas industry, including new degreasers that remove honey oil, invert oil based drilling muds, and hydraulic oils. The energy business of Zep Inc. also offers a full line of specialty greases that are resistant to hydrocarbons/ H2S (hydrogen sulfide) as well as GreenLink® environmentally preferable products. The full range of products includes:

  • Solvent-based degreasers
  • Water-based degreasers
  • Greases, lubricants and anti-seize agents
  • Coatings and penetrants
  • Vehicle care/cleaners
  • Personal care products (heavy-duty and waterless hand cleaners)
  • Concrete removers
  • Parts cleaning and pressure washing equipment (chemicals and equipment)
  • Laundry detergents
  • Personal protective equipment

One of the ways Zep helps make Oilfield service companies more efficient is by helping them to reduce waste. To that end, the company has launched a new, innovative product: the Dura Shot™ “S” Sprayer, a heavy-duty compressed air sprayer made of lightweight, anodized aluminum, with a trigger spray handle. This easy-to-fill sprayer holds 24 ounces and can be used for both solvent- and water-based cleaning agents. A twist-off cap means no tools are required, and it can spray in both vertical and horizontal positions. This piece of equipment eliminates the need to use aerosol products that are costly, and in many cases non-compliant, but still allows Oilfield workers to get their jobs done.

“The build of the sprayer creates a lighter feel and easier maneuverability,” explains Tim Dalrymple, Vice President of Business Development. “Plus, the trigger handle is durable and allows for positive control.”

In addition to their products, Zep offers oil and gas companies a range of support services, including compliance expertise at the national, state/province, and county levels. Zep also offers shop audits for compliance and safety risks.

Zep Inc.
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