The Corporate Report 2013: FS-Curtis

EP Editorial Staff | December 19, 2013

At FS-Curtis we strive to be the most trusted and dependable compressed air solutions provider in North America. All of the products outlined below are sold and serviced through a nationwide network of full-service distributors.  


For applications where air demand fluctuates significantly, reciprocating compressors are the  most economical and reliable choice.  FS-Curtis CT, CA, and ML Series meet this need at three distinct price points.
We also offer products for climate control, vacuum, and oil-less applications, as well as large reciprocating machines (30-125hp).

Fixed Speed, Variable Speed and Oil-Free Rotary

For applications requiring continuous air, FS-Curtis offers a variety of rotary screw compressors.  For smaller applications, our SEG and SE product lines (5-50 hp)  feature whisper-quiet operation and optional UltraPack, which provides continuous-duty, dry, filtered air in one space-and-service-and-money-saving package.

Our RS machines (15-300 hp) are a robust and time-tested solution that comes either enclosed or unenclosed, saving money and increasing serviceability if low-noise levels aren’t a requirement.

Our GSV and AF machines (20-200 hp) are variable speed options that match air flow to demand, saving money on energy.

Finally our ZW (20-50 hp) machines are an ideal choice for applications requiring oil-free continuous-duty air.

Air Treatment

To complement our compressors, we offer a complete line of air treatment products: refrigerated (10-3000 cfm), dessicant (10-5400 cfm), and membrane dryers (1.39-138.1 cfm); and filtration and separation products to match our dryer offering.

Please contact us via one of the following channels to schedule an on-site consultation or simply to learn more. 

St. Louis, MO 63133
Ph: 800.925.5431




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