The Corporate Report 2013: SPM Instrument Inc.

EP Editorial Staff | December 19, 2013

SPM is committed to maintaining your critical machinery, anywhere, anytime. Making maintenance a profitable part of your company is what drives ours.

We offer a wide product range from high-tech portable instruments and online systems to comprehensive software. Our intelligent solutions are cost-effective, constructive and complete. They make an excellent foundation for a proactive approach to maintenance—integrated in your normal maintenance activities to provide you with an overall picture. 

SMP’s Leonova Diamond and Leonova Emerald products, for example, combine high-definition vibration-analysis technology and Shock Pulse capabilities in lightweight, durable, carbon-fiber-reinforced, intrinsically safe packages. The most advanced IECEx certified instruments on the market, Leonova Diamond and Emerald both comply with the strictest IECEx standards and, thus, can be used in zones 0 – 2.  

Both products utilize the latest Shock Pulse HD® method for rolling-element early-damage detection and lubrication analysis. The Leonova Diamond is an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, 3-channel vibration analyzer, where as the little brother Leonova Emerald is a single channel unit. Both instruments have attachments for Laser Tachometer/IR Temperature and can utilize a noise-cancelling headset for Stethoscope readings and even voice recording of comments in noisy environments.

Attachments and modules for Bal-ancing, Orbit Analysis, Laser Shaft Alignment and more can be added to optimize your analytical power and maximize your rotating-machinery assets. Programmable function keys, ergonomic right- or left-handed design and powerful/versatile Condmaster PRO software make the Leonova Diamond or Emerald a perfect fit for any industry.

Upon request, we will put together the monitoring-equipment package best suited to your economic and technical requirements.

1213crspmSPM Instrument, Inc.

780 Bailey Hill Road, Suite #3

Eugene, OR 97402

Ph: 800.505.5636
or 541.687.6869




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