The Corporate Report 2013: Update International

EP Editorial Staff | December 19, 2013

1213crupdateA long-established, proven leader in practical, in-depth machinery vibration knowledge and training now provides cutting-edge, innovative tools to help make it all really happen!

For the past 47 years, Update International has been a leader and key innovator in the field of machinery vibration analysis and prevention. Founded by Ralph T. Buscarello, Update brought vibration analysis out of limited “Black Box” thinking into the hands of any mechanically minded person through non-technical, practical and in-depth training. Working with almost every major oil, chemical, pulp & paper, power etc. company in North America and throughout the industrial world has provided Update with the unique real-world insights into what it takes to get the highest returns from vibration-control programs.

Update pioneered and advanced key innovations including the use of phase, understanding resonance and the importance of prevention of vibration through precision practices. In keeping with this tradition, we have recently developed innovative hardware and software designed to make it even easier to quickly and effectively get the information necessary to understand and prevent vibration problems in the first place. 

DT6 — Nothing else like it

Our new DT6 creates a breakthrough in the extremely important (yet often not understood) area of phase analysis. While Time and Frequency plots say a lot about machine condition, phase is necessary to complete the whole picture. Yet until now, just collecting and documenting phase data proved too much of a hassle—even if it could be obtained in the first place. The DT6 changes all that. One simple touch provides 6 channels of acquisition, automated phase synchronization/adjustment and relationship rule processing/display. 

The DT6 is a cost-effective way to easily add the power of phase to the understanding and decision making process of analysts. Further, the DT6 is also a valuable tool for various departments, consultants and small plants—anyone who needs to see the condition of their rotating machines.  

Simple-to-use hardware makes the DT6 useful even for mechanics and trades people to quickly and easily check their own work upon startup—the foundation of true, proactive precision-based prevention that is at the heart of the largest possible savings from vibration control.

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