New Energy-Management Functions Expand CC-Link IE Technology Capabilities

EP Editorial Staff | February 17, 2014

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has added energy-management functions to its CC-Link IE technology to create CC‑Link IE Energy, a combined energy- and production-management control system. CC-Link IE is a gigabit Industrial Ethernet open network technology that handles both control and information data at high speed to provide integrated factory and process automation. CC‑Link IE Energy allows real-time monitoring of energy consumption by individual machines or processes over the same networks that production facilities use for general control purposes.


Installed using a single cable network, CC-Link IE Energy can control entire production systems and feed real-time production information to enterprise management IT systems. A controller connected to the network analyzes data in real time and issues energy management instructions. Combining production and control information with energy information facilitates simultaneous cross-optimization of operational control and energy management.

According to Robert Miller, Director, CC-Link Partner Association Americas, the addition of energy-monitoring capabilities is the latest example of the association’s commitment to provide industry-leading technology solutions. ‘We previously added motion and safety control capabilities to the network,” he said. “Now with the additional energy-management functions, CC-Link IE Energy is fulfilling its promise to be a single, high performance, open Ethernet technology that offers the automation features required by today’s applications.”

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an international organization with over 2000 member companies whose common goal is promotion and technical development of CC-Link open-network technologies. More than 1200 certified products are now available from over 250 manufacturers. For more information, visit




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