Apprion Announces ION Intelligent Reliability Application For Real-Time Equipment Monitoring And Predictive Analysis

EP Editorial Staff | March 11, 2014

ION Intelligent Reliability from Apprion provides predictive analytics and intelligence by continuously monitoring machine sensors to identify normal versus abnormal activity. Part of the ION Monitoring Application family, the application uses real-time sensor data plus archived work orders and maintenance data to show if equipment is operating reliably and under normal operating limits. ION Intelligent Reliability collects and analyzes patterns at a granular level to fully understand normal behavior for all operating stages and the precise patterns that precede failure. By understanding historical failures, the application can help predict a failure before it occurs, including new modes of failure that were previously undetected.

The proliferation of sensors in manufacturing plants has created a tremendous amount of data for analysis.  With ION Intelligent Reliability, plants can now convert this “big data” into usable and actionable information, including interpretation of patterns and historical trends to predict possible future failures in monitored assets.  This information is presented in a user-friendly, customizable dashboard with a high level view of the health and predictive health of assets. Alert notifications send emails and text messages to maintenance and operations staff, and predictive work requests are sent directly to the maintenance system based on predefined criteria and customized business rules.
Apprion’s ION System is an open, industrial platform that provides facilities a view of critical data, applications, and the industrial network in a single, customizable, interface.  All ION Applications can be integrated in the ION System dashboard, including ION Intelligent Reliability.

Apprion, Inc.
Mountain View, CA




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