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Several KLOZURE Bearing Isolators Receive Upgraded IP Ratings

Jane Alexander | May 27, 2014

Garlock052714Klozure has announced that several products in its KLOZURE line of bearing isolators have received upgraded ingress protection (IP) ratings from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s NEMA MG-1 2009 Part 5 specification. The GUARDIAN, MICRO-TEC II, SGI and EnDuro have been upgraded from IP55 and IP56 sealing ratings to IP65 and IP66 sealing ratings, confirming their suitability for use in applications where no liquid or dust ingress is permitted.

IP ratings signify contaminant protection levels. While IP5x products can effectively protect equipment against dust, sealing products with an IP6x rating ensure zero dust intrusion. IP65-rated seals protect against dust and forced water intrusion, whereas IP66-rated seals protect against dust, increasingly powerful water jets and heavy seas.

Testing services for the IP65 and IP66 ratings were performed by a third-party evaluation group.




Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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