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ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group Celebrates 100 Years of Excellence

Jane Alexander | June 18, 2014

The group was formed to help OEMs advance the performance of machinery they build for industrial operations around the world.

By Jane Alexander, Deputy Editor

ExxonMobil Marc Peters

Marc Peters of ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group

Since 1914, ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group has helped companies maximize industrial equipment performance and design. Comprised of engineers with backgrounds across a range of disciplines, the group is often involved with companies from equipment concept through design, into construction. This “from the ground up” perspective enables the team to develop recommendations on formulating lubricants that best meet the needs of the equipment.

To learn how the Equipment Builder Group has delivered critical insight to equipment builders for 100 years, we spoke with Marc Peters, the Global Equipment Builder Manager for ExxonMobil Fuels, Lubricants and Specialties Marketing Co.

Q: What, exactly, does ExxonMobil’s Equipment Builder Group do?

A: Our Equipment Builder Group is made up of technical experts and engineers with backgrounds in chemistry, tribology and mechanical engineering. This lineup provides the technical knowledge and creative vision equipment builders are looking for. Across the many sectors and industries we serve, group members work with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to advance the performance of industrial machinery.  Our efforts include:

  • Helping design and oversee innovative testing programs.
  • Evaluating lubrication approaches and monitoring performance.
  • Identifying potential equipment performance/durability issues before they occur, thus helping manufacturers enhance the efficiency and performance of their equipment.

Q: What is the group’s typical procedure for working with equipment manufacturers? 

A: While every situation is different, there are aspects of our efforts that are consistent. At its heart, our Equipment Builder Group usually recommends a multi-faceted approach designed to provide a continuous cycle of insights at each stage of testing and evaluation. This means working during the design stage to help ensure that the constructed machinery will consistently run at optimal performance levels. In turn, once the machinery goes into service, its lubrication process will be that much easier. 

We collaborate with testing departments and laboratories to see how newly designed equipment functions. During this process, we identify challenges that might impede optimum performance and efficiencies. We also create critical testing and measurement protocols to measure success.

The group also works with suppliers and service departments to follow up on the real-world performance of both the equipment and the Mobil-branded Industrial Lubricants developed to service that equipment.

And, by implementing the Mobil Signum Oil Analysis program, we can monitor critical indicators in used oil, providing equipment builders with advanced warning of abnormal conditions that could contribute to equipment and oil degradation. In fact, the knowledge we gain from our investigative efforts is, perhaps, the most critical part of the process.

Q: What are some of the group’s top successes, and what’s in store for it going forward?

A: We’re proud of our heritage of being one of the first lubricant manufacturers to dedicate resources specifically to building innovation-centered relationships with equipment builders. Over our 100-year history, the group has received countless recommendations for our products due to our efforts. This includes the fact that our flagship Mobil SHC synthetic lubricants have been approved for use in more than 10,000 applications, with more than 2500 preferential endorsements from leading equipment builders worldwide. 

Looking forward, we know the ExxonMobil Equipment Builder Group will continue to take application expertise to new heights and help our partners advance the productivity of their equipment. LM&T




Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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