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Machine-to-Cloud e-F@ctory IoT Gateway from Mitsubishi Electric Delivers Real-Time Energy-Management and PdM Data

Jane Alexander | December 17, 2014

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., and ILS Technology (ILS), a Telit company have announced their collaboration on the e-F@ctory IoT Gateway, Mitsubishi Electric’s new Machine-to-Cloud (M2C) industrial appliance for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This Internet-enabled gateway is powered by the deviceWISE IoT platform from ILS for seamless and secure M2C connectivity and data transfers.

According to the two companies, the new e-F@ctory IoT Gateway improves information visibility and accessibility for energy-management applications. The appliance provides the ability to macro-process data and transform it into actionable information prior to sending it to the cloud. Once the data is stored in the cloud, charts are automatically created to provide real-time visual key performance indicators.

“For years, companies have been aggregating data from a variety of devices and storing it in a database in its raw format or in spreadsheets. Rarely is it used to provide any value to the organization,” said Sloan Zupan, Senior Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “With the e-F@ctory IoT Gateway, customers can identify which facilities, production lines, work cells and shifts are underperforming compared to other areas of the organization.”

Editor’s Note:
Additional information about the e-F@ctory IoT Gateway and Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s comprehensive line of factory automation products and solutions is available at us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en.


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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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