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MecWash Systems Introduces Maxi Parts Washer to U.S. Markets

Jane Alexander | December 22, 2014

MecWash Systems has introduced the Maxi, a fully automatic, highly customizable, self-contained aqueous cleaning system that, the company says, meets the highest cleanliness standards in the aerospace, automotive and hydraulic industries.

Suitable for use with large individual components or on smaller ones with high volumes, the unit has a cleaning chamber that measures 24” W x 24” H x 32” L. For larger single components or smaller parts with higher volumes, the cleaning chamber can be extended to 40” in length, thus providing 23,040 cubic inches of cleaning volume per cleaning cycle.

The single-chamber rotational cleaning system features an ultrasonic wash & rinse, immersion wash & rinse, spray wash & rinse, hot air dry, and vacuum dry for complex components. Its wash chamber can be configured with dozens of high volume jet nozzles, which thoroughly penetrate and saturate the workload at a rate of 185 gpm. Full rotation of the workload at between 2-10 RPM exposes all surfaces to the wash and rinse solutions to ensure effective cleaning, draining, and drying. Alternately, delicate components can be cleaned via an oscillation mode that gently tips the components from side to side.

According to the manufacturer, its proven aqueous technology cleans without solvents or emissions and is effective for large and small components and those with complex geometries or that require special fixturing, as well as standard-size baskets that can hold high volumes of components per cleaning cycle.

For complicated components with extremely high cleanliness requirements, the ultrasonic wash process is followed by a flood and spray wash, an ultrasonic rinse, a flood and spray rinse, and a high velocity hot air dry cycle. If necessary, a vacuum dry cycle can follow the hot air dry.  Total cycle times range between 3 – 20 minutes, depending on the specific components to be cleaned.

For companies concerned about using a water-based cleaning process to clean iron and steel components, MecWash aqueous chemicals are uniquely formulated with rust inhibition to prevent corrosion for up to two weeks after cleaning.

About MecWash Systems
MecWash Systems offers a complete line of aqueous cleaning equipment for demanding applications in the aerospace, automotive, hydraulic, pneumatic, medical and precision-machining industries. According to the company, its technology can be found within the operations of some of the world’s most respected companies, including Rolls-Royce Aerospace, UTC Aerospace, Caterpillar, Delphi, Eaton, SKF, GE and Parker, among others.


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Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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