Emerson Network Power’s New Brief Helps IT and Telecom Leaders Evaluate their Options

Melissa Larson | February 10, 2015


Emerson Network Power announced today the availability of an executive brief and playbook designed to help IT and telecom leaders better understand and explore prefabricated data centers. This solution is gaining popularity and is particularly attractive to organizations that need to quickly increase data center capacity and/or doesn’t have much space.

The 451 Group estimates that this market generated $663 million in revenue in 2012 and is expected to reach a $2.5 billion in global revenues in 2015. Further, they say prefabricated data centers have evolved to become relevant for all but a few specific use cases, with cloud service providers leading the way, among others. Emerson Network Power started selling customized prefabricated data centers several years ago and has done related projects for the likes of Facebook in Sweden, T-Systems in Spain and NBN in Australia.

Prefabricated data centers transform traditional data center construction practices by manufacturing and testing an entire facility off-site in modules before shipping and assembling those modules on-site. The result is a state-of-the-art, tightly integrated facility that can be deployed faster and at a lower cost than a similar facility using traditional construction practices.

The business case for prefabricated data centers is explained in the Executive Brief, “Prefabricated Data Centers: Are They Right for You?” In the Playbook for Change, “Evaluating and Deploying Prefabricated Data Centers,” Emerson Network Power takes a closer look at executional considerations.





Melissa Larson

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