Updates From Mainstream Conference 2016

EP Editorial Staff | May 23, 2016

Mainstream Conference

May 22-25, 2016, The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Houston, TX

Businesses are demanding and new leadership styles, technologies and global standards are emerging. The big asset management shift is on and maintenance and reliability have moved beyond their operational role, transforming into a core, focused and disciplined strategic business function. People, technology and new standards are the essential enablers of this transformation. This year’s Mainstream program has evolved and progressed to be a celebration of the leadership, technology, ideas and innovations that are transforming asset management in North America. Michelle Segrest reports live from the show with audio updates here. Also, keep up-to-date on Twitter: @EfficientPlant


Jumpstart: The Proven Magical Ingredients to World Class Reliability & Maintenance Programs

Tor Idhammar – President & CEO, IDCON, Inc.

With 20 years of consulting experience, Tor Idhammar presents his Top 4 magic ingredients to building a world-class reliability and maintenance program.


Jumpstart: Using “Working Styles” to Build & Maintain a Winning Team

Doug Whittle – President, Whittle Consulting Group

Doug Whittle breaks down the four top personality profiles using a color scheme and shows how to build a successful team using just the right combination of these personalities.



Keynote: Increasing People Engagement through Coaching, Mentoring & Empowerment

Stephanie Pullings-Hart – Executive Director, Operations, Nestle

Waterway 5-8

The Nestle Continuous Excellence (NCE) program is committed to operational improvement and engaging the hearts and minds of all employees in a consumer driven war on waste. Presenter Stephanie Pullings-Hart explains how when employees feel valued, they deliver more. By reducing waste, we create value and consequently free up our minds for more entrepreneurial and creative activities.


Turning Your Team into Reliability Believers: a Comparative Analysis Providing Proven Tactics to Ramp Up Your Reliability Efforts

Pedro Fuster – Director of Reliability, Resolute Forest Products

Tor Idhammar – President & CEO, IDCON, Inc.

The presenters describe a case study at a pulp and paper company that turned its employees into reliability believers. He presents his Top 15 tips for selling a belief in the importance of reliability.


Operator Focal Points: Leading Reliability From the Ground Up

Anthony A. Hermes – Reliability Leader, Seadrift Operations, The Dow Chemical Company

 Anthony Hermes explains the importance of knowing the equipment and taking ownership of it.  He says to be an “owner” and not a “renter.” The foundation of reliable equipment is folks with passion, ownership, and a drive to learn more.


Flying Blind: You Just Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Cliff Williams – Global Director of Maintenance, ERCO Worldwide, Author of “People, A Reliability Success Story”

Jeff Shriver – Managing Principal, People & Processes, Inc.

In this presentation, the speakers took the audience through real-world scenarios in which maintenance professionals were forced to solve problems. They present their Top 20 Tips for Reliability Success.



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