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Schneider Electric Wonderware LIVE Spotlights Groundbreaking Offerings

Jane Alexander | October 5, 2016

The Schneider Electric Wonderware LIVE North American User’s event in Orlando this week put the spotlight on a number of new Wonderware offerings. Announcements, among others, included release of information regarding:

The launch of Prometheus, a vertical configuration tool that’s expected to “redefine the industrial control industry.”  The company characterizes Prometheus as  “the industry’s first configuration tool for defining, programming, and documenting all components in an industrial control system, from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the I/O.”

By removing the complexity and tedious burden of updating multiple applications, Prometheus is said to drive greater agility across automation-control systems, thus ensuring that plants run the most efficient and up-to-date processes. And it can configure each of these components, beyond the capabilities of existing controllers and SCADA/HMI software, regardless of type or brand, which, in itself, signifies another industry first.Prometheus will be available in January 2017.

The introduction of Wonderware Online InStudio, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering that changes the way software engineers, systems integrators, and end users can provision, develop, test, and maintain their HMI and SCADA applications. InStudio is part of the evolution of Schneider Electric’s Wonderware Online cloud platform built on the Microsoft Azure platform. This collection of industrial data aggregation, storage and visualization functionalities is now called Wonderware Online InSight.

As the latest addition to a growing portfolio of Wonderware Online cloud-first, mobile-first technologies, the secure InStudio cloud subscription service lets systems integrators overlay a next-generation infrastructure that is highly available and scalable. According to the company, the offering supports improved collaboration during the development process across geographies and roles. Potential benefits include improved user experiences, optimized delivery of software engineering services, enhanced application designs, faster user adoption, and lower project costs.

Research suggests that cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other offerings have considerable potential to deploy less energy and natural resources, such as through the reduction of hardware requirements for software development testing.

Wonderware Online InStudio will be available in November 2016.

The Wonderware LIVE event runs through Thursday, Oct. 6. For information on Wonderware and other software-related offerings and events from Schneider Electric, CLICK HERE.




Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander

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