Recyclable Moisture Barrier

Gary Parr | November 16, 2016

EcoShield VpCI-144 Super Barrier paper combines the corrosion protection of VpCI paper coating with a high-gloss, water-based barrier coating said to prevent moisture from reaching metal parts wrapped inside the paper. The material is environmentally safe and fully recyclable into other types of paper products. Combining corrosion protection, moisture barrier properties, and oil and grease resistivity into one material to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, VpCIs on the inside face vaporize and condense on metal surfaces to form a thin protective film that does not influence physical properties of most sensitive electrical and electronic components, including conductivity and resistivity. The protective film does not need to be removed prior to further surface finishing or coating, and parts can be painted, welded, or soldered.

Cortec Corp.
St. Paul, MN




Gary Parr

Gary Parr

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